Firstly, Salt

Nobody ever thinks of using salt.  Traditionally, zombies could not cross lines of salt.  I would draw lines of salt around every door and window of the house.  Then, for extra safety, I would drag the fridge into the centre of a downstairs room and draw a circle of salt around it.  Then, sit next to it and wait out the zombie outbreak.


Of course, I except the fact that this may not worse.  I would also barricade myself into my house with plenty of long handled knives.  Why knives?  Guns run out of ammo and I've never fired one anyway, and chainsaws are unpredictable, messy and require power or fuel.  They also aren't easily operated by short women like me.  Knives are your friend.


I would also probably choose the attic to hide in for inaccessibility.  Zombie aren't that bright, so they probably would not think of putting up a ladder.  And it's easy to jump out of the attic without a ladder, but less easy to get up into it.

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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9 Responses Feb 26, 2009

P.S. Don't fret over voodoo Z's. Like legit they shouldn't even be considered Z's, unconscious slaves? Perfectly harmless until instructed to do otherwise. With the right counteracting there isn't much a "soulless" being could do to harm you in a still living body.

I take everything seriously ha, especially something that traumatized me as a child. When you experience re-animation you'll understand. I don't get why people think all fiction is a joke. People aren't THAT creative, there is a truth somewhere, and please believe me that Z's have come and gone already.

I guess it would depend if we were dealing with plague zombies or voodoo zombies...

This is a point, I suppose...

Yeah...I'm sorry, I have to disagree with the salt. That's just an old wives tale. Of course, if you actually bury the zombies in salt, it would deprive them of all water and they'd crumble in to dust, but really it's hardly practical and would consume a lot of precious time. Unless, you know, you are hanging out in a salt mine. Which would be a good plan!<br />
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As for the attic, I completely agree. Unless you live in Phoenix and it's summer. Up is better than down; attics are better than basements. <br />
<br />
You need to give your zombie preparedness plan a smidge of work but you're on the right track!

Wow, taking this all a bit seriously, aren't we?

Sorry L but you ARE NOT prepared. You'll sooner be the first infected than survive beyond the first bite. Keep thinking.

See, you learn something new everyday. Not just zombies - salt protects you from all manner of gribblies, as does things like holy water and pure silver ;)

I never knew salt was so multi-purpose! Thanks Ryuu, I now feel much better prepared for zombie attack :)