People Please

You're making it painfully obvious that I will be fighting off a ton more Zombies than I initially expected. Please quit being so careless and use your ******* brains before the Z's do. In the beginning expect them to be fast moving/thinking. As the virus/disease/etc worsens and spreads they should become the more traditionally accepted Z. But by that time I fear the worlds population should be down by 40-45 percent. This is after a year or two of virus growth/mutation. guys that live in areas that are "desolate" or "country and neighborless." I'd be careful because they will be drawn to you in HORDES....when this happens if we still have an established government THEY WILL NUKE THE **** OUT OF YOU. So move, keep moving and be well prepared. Think EVERYTHING through. It isn't a game, I wish more could be said really.

DaveysInTheDark DaveysInTheDark
18-21, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

DaveysInTheDark, HONEY Please turn the LIGHTS back on and take your Medicine! YOU know it will help with your hallucinations about Zombies!!!<br />
Come on Now, do I need to get the child proof lid off the bottle for you??<br />
Ok I have a nice cold glass of water for you....there you go...down the hatch...ok give em' about 20 minutes and YOU will start feeling better, I promise!