A Tiny Invisible Speck, Cosmically, By A Spiritual Seeker

Beautiful Planet "Mother Earth" gifted to humans to come here to create a world for us to live on. Acting from the human condition rather than the Spiritual, we have made so many mistakes. 12/21/12, too many references for too many years, from too many people from completely different places. Too much to ignore, have been studying this 20 yrs. or more. I believe that we are immortal, eternal. That we each have a body that dies. A new way of living will start on that day. How it will happen, I can only pray for now in the present, it's wireless way to communique,but it has a force of power beyond human understanding&this is what I do. For now,I would say "begin to love one another, unconditionally, forgive ourselves&the entire human race radically, be compassionate,share, care, help." Individually, follow our own hearts&intuition to prepare. Uncertainty is all that is certain, so we don't know how it will play itself out. What the world knows as time&space, all life, the planet, created out of the essence of love, is precious&living it by being in the present of it, uniquely, express love&gratitude for it's creation. In what is timeless,spaceless, we, the planet, is an invisible living particle in the cosmic realm, where universes come&go. All of creation, no matter how big or small was born out of love&its love we are& love is what we give back. Continuously radiating it, praying it, meditating, it is&will have an impact on the outcome of that day, serving all with the highest&greatest good.
jonig jonig
Dec 2, 2012