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Is It Gonna Be Worse Than Y 2 K ???

If the Mayans are right, we're all gonna ride this party train into oblivion ….

But, there is still something to celebrate …. it's the first day of Winter !!! …. and that means that the daylight hours will get longer and longer …. well, at least until the Summer Solstice … that is, if we make it that far ….


I, for one, really hope that they were wrong …... because …..


  1. I've got parties to go to …. they've been on the calendar for weeks !!

  2. I just put a new set of tires on the car …. I've got places to go !!

  3. There is a whole bunch of lovely female EPeeps who I haven't seen nekkid yet … these things take time, ya know ….

  4. I haven't started on my bucket list yet ….. I may be too late on that, huh?

  5. I haven't told the cats what might happen …. they're gonna be really pissed …

  6. I didn't cancel my subscriptions ...

  7. I have laundry to do …

  8. I have to wish Deee a happy birthday on December 30 ...

  9. I'll lose my Internet service ….

  10. I'll miss you guys


Jeeeeezzz ….. if this really does go down, it's gonna be bad, isn't it ??


AllAboutLaffs AllAboutLaffs 70+, M 6 Responses Dec 20, 2012

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Need new interpreters to re-evaluate the Mayan civilization.

During our recent staff meeting.....I shared some statistics from the Infection Prevention committee meeting I attended....The first quarter of 2013....all STD rates in Burlington County had increased dramatically!

One of the staff dryly commented......

" December we all thought the world was going to no one took precautions!"

Only time will tell how many babies will be born in September 2013!

This little random observation just cracked me up !!!! ...... *grins*

We made it.

Indeed we did ... despite the dire predictions ... lol

Maybe its their idea of a joke! What to leave the people of the future? - hmmm I know we will mess with their heads and pretend the world is gonna end!
Yes the Mayans have the last laugh

Well ... except for the fact that we're still here and they aren't ........

good point but I was just kidding around ! I don't think it was meant to be a long running joke

The world is not allowed to end because:
- I still haven't found a proper job
- if it all ends before the new season of the Walking Dead, I'll be really, really pissed off
- I don't want the world to end before I receive my signed pictures from Norman Reedus.

All compelling reasons, Kit ..... :o))))

I bet you a BIG bag of chocolates that we will all still be here the day after laughing about it!! I think the Mayan calendar stopped just cause the Mayan calendar guy got side tracked or bored.... :D I got plans too...and laundry to do.....Ya had to remind me about the laundry I got waiting didn't you???? :D Happy Winter and returning light to us ALL!!

I think the Mayan calendar guy just ran out of numbers, sie .... and I'll be staring at a very long to-do list on Saturday, the 22nd .... LOL

I think that's exactly what happened... They ran out of space on that big stone wheel...

Maybe he figured he saw enough and wrote enough and figured we'd figure out the rest for ourselves..... Or maybe he just got hooked up and didn't wanna waste valuable time he could spend being naughty on banging away on that ole calendar!! I got my laundry done last night...So if the world does laundry basket will be empty!! :D

Actually, the Mayan calendar ran well beyond Dec 21 2012 .... and they made no predictions about an apocalypse .... more recent cultures took that ball and ran with it .... that's why I didn't do my laundry yet .... Saturday is laundry day .... LOL

I read that somewhere too that they NEVER said anything was going to end....It's like everyone who reads Nostradamus comes up with different ideas on what he meant......It's all interpretation..... Good on you for NOT doing that wash until the right day!! I was gonna do a load last night anyways cause I just hate to be loaded down with it on the weekend..... so I spread it out!! :D

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