2012 Possible Scenarios, How Do I Prepare

Although many prophecies has warned us on the time where our civilization will end, I always hold in my intention that it will not.

Future and past are not real, only the present is. In the illusion of time, fate is changeable. However, for destiny to change it would take a enormous change in human consciousness. Our survival way of living, exploiting the natural resources without any understanding of the Universal Principles and Laws and therefore running out of everything could probably end up in a very violent recession period. Will you be part of the solution by raising your own state of consciousness now and choose to live in alignment with the abundant Nature that will never be affected by these man made crisis? Or will you choose the low consciousness of survival (join the armee as I read, get a gun...) or any other choices based on dependency to someone else or somebody else's decision and conditionning?

If so, you have completely lost the true essence of who you are: your mind has the power to create any reality you choose to live in. You must first become free from the dependency of any systems (going to a store to get food, TV, media) or institutiones (politics, military, religions).


2012 marks the end of our unconscious society and the beginning of the awakening of Humanity. Will it take cahos for that shift to take place? Only if we don't choose to live consciouslly now and this includes learing to be sustainable independant from the system as it is today and the institutions while being totally connected to our supreme nature as spirit. With that connection, we are guided and life flows no matter what can happen. This is Grace.

I have been blessed with this intuitive guidance and I let it lead my life, no one else does! I was guided to prepare for a possible (again no one knows the future as it's changeable) Pole Shift. Pole Shift is a science not a prediction. Once you reseach it, you know how to prepare. Certainelly not in storring 2 years of food! what will you do if an earthquake beared all you precious supplies as it very much would if Pole Shift takes place. Having a little food supplies doesn't hurt but don't dwell on it as your safe strategy.

The Universal Consciousness is in charge (call it God, if you wish), not us. It's time to drop the ego arrogance and plug to something way bigger than ourself or any social structure and let that guide us. Animal have that innate connection, that's why they know what to do and when. Only pets  lost that intuition for having hanged out with us a little too much! Ignorance is the source of all suffering. Know yourself as Divine and with that foundation then you can prepare:

I studied the safe location in case of Pole shift: Mexico (not safe thought on the political level), Canada and a couple Countries in the north of Europe. These are where the oldest earth plates are, thererfore more stable, so when the plates shift, these will barelly move. There will be safe places everywhere in the world, I am just sharing those that are uptimal. Arizona has old plates for intance and won't move much but will there be enough water? and as it may be popullated because of may people relocating there away from earhtquakes, what about the level of violence after the Shift in case of famines (which are also predicted)? these are questions to ask yourself.

So I am learning self reliance and sustainability, Hydrpolic gardening, sprouting (I don't belive in eating my brothers and sisters from the animal kingdom), growing spirulina  (that is the highest source of protein and mineral content, more than meat!), Stored some raw organic superfood (since food is energy, I choose the most vibrant natural food possible).

I am looking to relocate in Canada with other sustainable and spiritual fox. The trick is to bared your food and tools and Heirloom seed bank (more important than food is you seed bank). In the event of a Pole Shift where we would probably loose everything, it's the after the shift that would be challenging because there may be no food (no sun from the ashes of vocanic eruption) no tools to rebuild unless all was bared prior.

So I am planning on doing just that and if you want to know more, I am sharing all of this with some top experts in self reliance in a 3 day event coming up soon.

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6 Responses Apr 20, 2009

I absolutely love what you have to say, and think it will be taken as serious as it actually is if you fix the misspellings hon!! ( Ever discredit something because the person couldn't spell? I don't want that happening here!!) First, "Army", then "conditioning", then "institution", "chaos", "learning", "barely", "earthquake", etc......it reads well, but when the mistakes pop out this bad, it's hard too focus on the point you are making sweetie!!

im from canada warning dont be prepared to live in igloo and wear plaid those are sterotypes americans made up we say u all act like caountrey ppl eatin roadkill wearing cowboy boots

Hopefully, things work out no matter what happens, God will guide us through.

If you and the EP servers survive the fall hit me up I plan on being mobile after the fall and its good to have friends.

Canada A?

very smart.......we have similar ideas. well except....i'm not a vegetarian....i tried it once and i got sick......the Doc. says that's just not healthy for me.....but anyways, i've been thinking of relocating in canada also, maybe after this shift we could be neighbors!