Getting Ready For Whatever May Come

I started getting things together and stocking up on emergency supplies for different situations.  I dont know what is on the horizen but something is deffinatly there. I think there might be a huge natural(or man made) disaster followed by a take over by the bilderberg group who hides in the background and controls things that affect regular everyday people ex:from  government to gas prices. I have different views on what may happen from religous to political and they are all tied together.  i am worried about my children because one of them has many disabilities. how will i be able to protect her if we needed to live in hidding or off the land? it's a scary thought. anyone else thought of these things? or am I just crazy like my kids tease? they are actually having fun learning how to build emergency temporary shelters in the woods. we go on weekends to learn survival things.  the way i figure it is that even if nothing happens the information and things we are learning will help if they ever find themselves in a bad situation.

sky73 sky73
36-40, F
Mar 1, 2010