What Should I Do?

earlier this year, i was accepted to this boarding school after passed my national test with flying colours. Not to brag, that school is for bright student who scores 8A's only in their test and no less then that. this school is a High Performance school (Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi) which means that it was authorized by the government as one of the top school in my country.

okay, stop from introducing about my school. after a month in that school, i still couldn't blend in with all the surrounding and the people around me. i got a classmate that is too noisy and was called the noisies and the party *** class. forget to mention, i actually a second intake student and it means that i'm a FRESHY. i didn't know why i hate the hactic kind of class because as i remember, back to my old days at my old school, me and all of my classmates are the most noisy, lazy and crazy class in that school. but, as i arrived here, to this new school, i hated everything about them. i hated the teacher, my classmate, my dormmate and i even hated the school building.

as time passes i kinda 'okay' with my classmate and my dormmate, but, the teacher crisis is still not over. the teacher in this school hated each other and that really kill my mood. every time they entered the class, they kept complaining about the teacher that he/ she didn't like. they talk bad about others and saying mean words infront of the class and there's this teacher who causes my class teacher to be broken hearted and quit her job. you see guys, is this the quality that should have in a teacher?

besides that, i have acedemical problem since entering this school. i have problem with the studying place because i am a kind of person who likes to study alone in a room, a big room and with the door locked. but here, everything is different and i am trying VEEERRYYY hard to adapt to this new style of studying but it just won't work! sometime, i feel like i wanted to study in the toilet. so, throughout this year i got _____ in my test results. it was so bad that i almost kill myself. i hope that it will get better and better in the next test but what i got was worser and worser.

just now, i got my final test results and guess what? i drowned deep into Bs and Cs and few As. what can i do? my mom asked me the reason i couldn't strive in this final test, but, i can't answer. she said to me that the major reason is that my heart and my mind wasn't in that school. i never love the school, the teacher and everything in it.

what should i do?
hadirah hadirah
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012