People Are Stupid

I love when people think they now what you are going through. I tell my mom Im tired of putting up a front and pretending to be happy. You know what she says? "Its OK. We all have days when we need to put on a happy face." Really?
Your going to compare your dealing with one idiot at work to my everyday struggle to keep people from realizing how not fine I am. Nobody knows that I have been putting on this face everyday for the last 6 years. And what about most of my high school life too, that counts too right? I just wish that people would stop being ignorant and accept the fact that its not a choice to be depressed. Yes some days are better than others but is there ever really a day that you can completely be yourself around everyone?
If you find/found that person that makes you feel that comfortable, thats awesome for you. But you **** me off because I am alone. Just sayin
LonelyDevil88 LonelyDevil88
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1 Response Feb 13, 2013

Your first two paragraphs are quite contradicting . You are tired of acting like you are fine ,then why don't you tell them that you're not fine ? Everyone around you isn't mind readers. How do they know what you are feeling if you don't communicate with them. Why complain when it's YOU who isn't doing anything for yourself.