I Am Pretty But Not Beautiful

It seems silly to say really, but it burns inside to know that I could be so happy but I am not (although i'd say that i'm happy but lonely, it's nothing to do with prettiness though, but still, I tend to think that I could have and I could have had plenty or nice relationships, and the opportunity to experience life further and bring adorable people into my life.


And it’s not really that bad I tend to say, but the truth is that I spend most of my time alone, I look at myself and I like my face and body, sexy one, but then, why I don’t meet people? What must be possibly wrong with me?  What is the root of the problem? Fear? Of what?


If you people out there knew how many times I failed to take advantage of meeting new girls/friends and have new relationships hence the opportunity to find love within you and with somebody else etc.  It just feels lonely


Well, what can I say, not much really, just that it makes me feel better to tell my experience

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

yes i'm not too manly, i'm cheeky though if that balances things<br />
<br />
I don't feel happiness inside so i can't pass on those feelings to people i would meet etc, generally.

yes you are right it's confusing. Yes i'm pretty but then here you go, I meet no one, not even superficial meaningless flirt, that's what i tried to mean i guess.