My Errors

I am a skinny girl with a butt and boobs I guess you could say. I have blond hair blue eyes, I sound pretty don't I? No, I do have a wonderfull boyfriend (been together for 4 months now) but I have flaws that I hate but ofcourse your going to say oh everyone has flaws yeah I know that but I want to look beautiful as everyone says I am. I think they say that because I have a lot of close friends and they just try to make me feel good, butttt my flaws so I hate my side view it is so ugly I have a nose that sticks up a little bit at the bottom and in the middl I have a bump and I have this gross in attractive forehead I have two bumps it seems like on the left and right side of it and it just makes me feel ugly and I can't wear my hair certain ways and I have to have bangs to cover it up and it's just a total night mare.. But I would like to know if there's any other girl out there or guy that has my problem..
Hbd0156 Hbd0156
May 7, 2012