I don't know if I am selfish or if it's only me that thinks I am. By that I mean I make plenty of money, I have a new car, own my own home have a secure job and I still don't feel like I have everything I want or need. Times that I feel selfish are like when I complain to my mom about my mortgage going from 830 to 922 and she doesn't say anything. Well it's because that's more than her monthly income. What right do I have? I know I need to count my blessings and be happy. I am trying to get to that point in my life but I am not sure how to get there...
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Sometimes, we perceive these ideas of selfishness based on our own doing when in actuality, others are jealous and perceive us as selfish. You mustn't allow other people's opinions to affect your accomplishments. Another $98.00 a month for mortgage is not a cheap penny. Enjoy what you have and keep on truckin'.

The reason you feel you don't have everything you want or that you need is possibly related to the fact that you might be looking for the wrong things, and looking for fulfillment in the wrong place. Progress in the material world will never satisfy anyone - even if you feel you want and need more from it, I suspect that you are not following the true incllinations of your heart. :)

That doesn't sound too selfish to me, income always seems to be relative to spending. You're doing a heck of a lot better than. me! Oh........but someday......................................!!!...