Here For The Smiles

Over the years on EP, I have had great fun with my puppet avatars. I have also appreciated the sweet comments you have all sent my way, saying how the puppets made you smile. Thank you! Puppets have a rich history in art and culture. I am so very fortunate to live in a city that is home to The Center for Puppetry Arts. An amazing place. If you are ever in Atlanta, you must go check it out. Anyway, a friend recently asked me if the puppet avatars had any significance. I could name a hundred reasons why I love puppets. But the true meaning lies in something that happened right here in the halls of EP.

One of my first, best girlfriends on this site was JourneyFullofLaughter. This lovely and smart young woman brought so much joy to me and to others. Her profile is still here, but she has not been around since 2008.
*chokes back some tears*

Journey posted a blog one day about a marquee she passed on her way to work...a sign at The Center for Puppetry Arts! Woot! We are neighbors!!! She says that the latest puppet show is "The Diary of Anne Frank." We find this kinda funny. And even more fun because "The Jewish Heritage Museum" is right next door. We start wondering about the friendship between the two. Lots of silly comments back and forth. Then out-of-the-blue, a new commenter enters the conversation. It was the director of The Puppetry Center! She proceeds to tell us all about the production. Journey and I felt like two little kids, caught with our hands in the cookie jar. It was really quite surreal.

I never made it to the Anne Frank puppet show. But have enjoyed many other productions at this fine museum. I will continue to wear my puppet with joy. And sweet memories of a very special friend.
Lilt Lilt
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I wonder how many come and go and come and go and ... you get the picture.

Has happened for me once - that I'm aware. =)

It has been 5 years since Journey was here. I don't think I will see her here.

Now I know where you're from. Neat-O.

Actually, I am a Yankee transplant, Nell. I haven't gotten my Southern Belle card yet. :-)

I miss her too :(

Surprising, very sweet story Lilt :)

Oh Tas, wasn't she an absolute delight???
Such a bright shiny light.

And extremely tech savvy. She was one of pioneers of posting pictures on EP stories.

Yes, I have thought of her many times and really hope she's doing ok.

I truly wish we had exchanged real life info. She may still live here in my city.

Ah geez, Dex, I was wondering where you have been!!! By all means, please come out and join us. But in the future, please refer to the right-wingers as pompous idiots.<br />
<br />
Glad you are back :-)

I am still sitting in the naughty corner for having called a right-wing ranter a "sock puppet" Lilt... Can I come out now?<br />
<br />
Thank You for this charming story recounting the genesis of your avatar.

Excellent! <br />
Have you ever made a sock puppet, Mr. KingofSwords?

I love all your different sock puppets. Every time I see your avatar, I smile.

So true, Burgy. It is only when we go to sign language class that we are truly exposed.

I often wonder about Journey and if she's doing okay. I never got to meet her in real life. Back then, we took the anonymous aspect of EP very seriously. Actually, I have never met any EPeeps in person.

Ohhhhhh ... that's sweet :D

You are so fricken cool. Long ago, I had a petite melt-down about people using their own sexy bits as avatars... and then I let it go. Your avatar has always said something amazing, playful, ingenious and exciting about you. I love the creativity and the heart of it all. Well played...

Thanks for the thoughts, Trusty. I have had some petite meltdowns about avatars too. Don't post your **** and ***, then complain about pervs in your mailbox! I never get pervs...they are afraid of puppets and clowns. :-)

ugh... I'm afraid of clowns too... puppets are cool. Groovy even, clowns.. not so much.

Hey Kathie, you would have adored Journey! Her profile is still here. <br />
She grew a princess in a blender, Princess Chanel. It is all documented in her blog :-)<br />
Fun stuff.

I have always loved your avis, Lilters. And made even more special after reading about the puppetry art center, and your friend....thanks, pal.....

Thanks Sylphy! I like to think most of us have an avatar with a special story. <br />
Haha, especially those Penis Posters. Their avatars alway tell such a short story.

*falls laughing* I certainly don't wanna know! But keep me amused, Lilt. ;p I'm sorry, too for not replying right away. Damn notification icon doesn't really show everything... *growls at ep gremlins*

I love this! And what a sweet way to remember. I can't think of you being any other avi except as the coolest and funniest sock! The originality, the creativity... it's your trademark. *sprinkles faeriedust on the lilting sock*

: D<br />
I had another kind of weird encounter, like the one with the puppet director.<br />
A friend posted a story about a man who wrote a book that teaches parents how to play with their kids. He then went on to hold expensive workshops that parents can attend with the kids. Several EPeeps were critical of this program...Peeps like me! The next day I got a private message from the doctor who wrote the book. Creepy.

I had noticed and was curious about why you always had a puppet avie. I just figured you liked them alot. So thank you for writing this story about the background and some of the reasons why you like puppets. I love the avies you have. They are cute and make me smile :D

Wow, that is some cool stuff that you do! You are my kinda lady.<br />
I home schooled a girl with special needs for a year. Her Dad was deaf, so we learned to sign together. Once I quit teaching her, I immediately forgot everything. "Use it or lose it " is so very true!!!

I Google, my friend.<br />
Since I started my business a few years ago, I can only dream of making sock puppets. <br />
I need to follow my dreams.

You must make some puppets with your grandkids! And some voodoo dolls too.<br />
We were recently at a camping gear store that sold these ridiculous little voodoo dolls for $15.<br />
What???? My son wanted one. No way. <br />
We will be making voodoo dolls for sure...with real hair and bones and sticks and stuff.

I love your sock faces!!!! :-))

And for those of you that think puppets are just for kids...bah!<br />
The Puppetry Center has Adults Only shows too. They are currently running "White Like Me- A Honky Dory Puppet Show."<br />
<br />
Then they also have a really radical group that does midnight shows. Lots of whiskey is usually involved. Puppeteers are crazy !

Schindler's List was a bit too long, Hurl. It would surely lose the K-5 crowd.<br />
<br />
A few years ago, Jim Henson's daughter joined with center to build a wing dedicated to his work. It is really awesome. I saw the original Ernie...gave me goosebumps.

If it went well, they could tackle Schindler's List......I hear the Fraggle's are looking for work...

thank you for the smiles you have put on my face! *smile*

Thank you!!!! That was really the point of the story. <br />
According to the Puppetry Center's director, it was legit. They even had the blessing of the Jewish Center. It was a part of their education program. <br />
<br />
You would have enjoyed the company of Journey too :D

Since no one else is going to mention it, I have to.......An Anne Frank puppet show? Really?.........I'm trying to picture the Nazi puppets........

I like to bust that one out when I am heading for a camping trip :-)

Excellent Lilt ... I love the sock puppet avatars too ... I think my favourite one is the one with the fish!

I am new to EP, but some of my EPeeps have asked about my avatars, which really are very random, but they noticed a trend in that they all featured shoes. So, I'm sticking with that. Your puppet avatars are great.

As a sock, I think shoes are highly overrated, Mary.
But you go for it, girl!

Awwww....great story, Lilt! I will never again see a sock puppet without thinking of you and smiling!

Do you run into a lot of sock puppets, Datura? No judgement here. Just wondering.

I have several that I made for a course I took called "Teaching Art in the Elementary School" many moons ago in college! They look pretty ratty now, having been played with a lot by the kids, but I still keep them!

i, too, appreciate your smile-provokers.

Then the puppet has done it's job! too, Duchess. <br />
I sure hope he leaves the flavor-of-the-month at home ;-)

What is your favorite Clooney film? Maybe I could suggest to the Puppetry Center to turn it into a show??? George would certainly come to premier!

Oh Brother Where Art Thou would make a great puppet show!!!

I was thinking the very same thing!

This is a good story Lilt. I'm still waiting for George Clooney's visit;)

I am so glad you dropped by, Oscar. Yes, EP has turned out to be the never-ending puppet show for me. I will be keeping my goggly eyes on you and your bust. <br />

You know, Des, I think about Journey quite often. I respected her want to be anonymous here and never got her real name. I sure wish I had though. That is why I never "clean up" my circle. What if by chance, someday she decides to re-visit EP????

lilt, you bring so much joy to this site through avatars that symbolize everything about you. You are a sweet and special person. Honest, open and.... everything else.. What a privilege it is to know you

I may have to go get the paint and add some blushing cheeks!

You are a very sweet friend too, MissFree!