I Don't Brag About Much But...

I am physically attractive - for now. My friend says he hates going around town with me sometimes because I make everything look good (which isn't true, I just know how to dress my body) and people compliment me and check me out all the time so he feels like the ugly friend. I'm not one of the Megan Foxes or Scarlett Johansens of the world but I'm satisfied with how I look. I just have to watch how I present myself at times because I don't ever want to be that girl who whines about getting her hair wet in the rain or never having enough time in the morning to get ready. I enjoy being pretty, but I don't want to be excessive or vain. Sometimes I remove jewelry or change an article of clothes before leaving because I worry about being too done up and looking like I think I'm the world's greatest supermodel or something.

I am enjoying it now because the only things I feel confident about are my writing/research skills and my looks and the looks aren't always going to be there.
SpilledSecrets SpilledSecrets
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2011