I Am Pretty

I am a pretty girl,I have  a slender body with hourglass curves,a pretty face and good skin and hair.I am very feminine and take good care of myself,so that I am as beautiful as I can be both now and when I'm old.My appearance is important to me,especially that of my skin.I love looking nice and I always make the effort to look my best.

Trikka Trikka
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 25, 2008

Gryphon, negative much?

you look ok. But don't put too much value into looks because it will be all the harder when you age. My older sister was always beautiful and losing her looks has caused her major depression for years now.

You have a good outlook on your life, that will keep your self esteem boosted. When we take care of ourselves we feel better, eat right and we regard our health to remain healthy so we can look pretty.