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I used to not be very passionate about this subject until it actually affected me. If you asked me a year ago how I felt on abortion, I'd say that I was pro-choice but wouldn't have an abortion. This was because as women we are taught that it is our duty to have and birth any child our womb conceives. This is completely unfair for women who cannot afford a child to be forced to be pregnant then have to tearfully give her baby up, and perhaps never know if her baby is safe or happy with its new parents.
We live in a society that thinks that the only heroic choice for a pregnant woman in bad situation is to have her baby. No. Its not. People will usually say that you should have the baby no matter what because  "Life starts at conception." and"Abortion is murder".  Others will tell you that having an abortion because you can't afford to have a baby is selfish. Its way more selfish to have a baby because you'd feel better about yourself. I cannot bring myself to have a child just because I need to feel like a hero.
Another thing I can't stand is when people say "Abortion isn't contraception!" Or assume that the woman having an abortion is irresponsible. You know what? I've know women who have used their birth control pills everyday, perfectly and still got pregnant. It's possible for them to fail. Further more, a lot of people use condoms which can fail easily with out the users knowing. Since you can't get birth control for free, not a lot of people have this option.
Much of the stigma surrounding abortion comes from people who don't want women to enjoy their bodies in a sexual way and take control over their sexual organs. They need women to be centered around motherhood and having children. We aren't fetus incubators. We have aspirations thoughts and feelings.
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If civil rights trump the life of an innocent why are late term abortions illegal and immoral? :)

That is your opinion that they are immoral. It's illegal because lawmakers passed it. Obviously you don't believe every law is moral, or we wouldn't be having this conversation.

But why are late term abortions not permitted by law if early term abortions are? What's the difference? :)

I don't know. I am not a lawmaker. Perhaps you should contact your local state representive and ask him or her why that is.

Fair enough. If I may ask, what is your feeling on late term abortions. Do you think they should be legalized? :)

I think late-term abortions are illegal because they are so much riskier than first and even second trimester abortions. I read somewhere that the risk to the woman goes up around 30% for each trimester. I'm sure there are other reasons, but I'm pretty certain that is one of them.

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i have seen to many girls die growing up from back room jobs very much pro choice but i also do not think it shou;ld be used as a means of bith conrtol

No, it shouldn't because its tough to go through, but you have to keep in mind that birth control is far from 100%. There is no birth control that can be counted. The only way to not get pregnant is to not have sex, and thats not realistic. Just read the stories in the sexless marriage group. Its not a happy life.

We always had the right to forcibly remove trespassers from our homes. Why wouldn’t we extend that basic right to our bodies?

Why is it important to determine if a pregnancy happens because of failed contraception or just timing? We have dominion over our bodies.

exactly. I have the right to not give someone a kidney, just as I have a right to deny my body as a life support system to an embryo.

But if you killed that trespasser it would be murder - or perhaps the more accurate term is late term abortion :)

No, if I killed the trespesser it would be justifiable homicide.

I'm a pro-life woman who takes this stand not based on religion and certainly not because I want to see women as just human incubators. The thing is that the pro-life pov CAN be argued from a human rights perspective. As to why should the fetus be denied the basic human right to life? Which right is greater the right to life or the right to ones body? What are examples in society that can lead us to those conclusions? You are seriously stereotyping the pro-lifer as a stupid, misogynistic, bible thumping idiot and then turn around and say we are doing that to pregnant women. Most of us aren't. Yes, there is some male idiot out there for which it's true, however, it would also be true that there is some radical, hairy feminist who hates babies and men who is just as polarizing in her view.

Way to not stereotype.

What's even more curious is the fact that puppies don't have civil rights but if someone goes around killing them they get put in jail. So whose life is more valuable? A baby's or a puppy's? :)

Any kind of contraception can fail, even vasectomy. So don't assume that because a woman got pregnant, she didn't use protection or used it in correctly. My aunt had a IUD, guess what, she got pregnant.

LOL Jiggy. I was going to say something, then I saw your avatar. 0/10 obvious troll is obvious.

Thank you...this is how I wish people could be. And to is NOT always a choice to have sex. i hate when people mark off pregnant teens or even women as "stupid" because they got pregnant. if you do not know them or the situation behind it, do not judge. I have had an abortion, and after doing so...i would warn the woman about the emotions that go along with it, but i would not advise against it or for it. it is everyones own decision.

while I am pro choice, I have to say if people would be more responsible when it comes to sex they wouldn't put themselves in the position to have to choose abortion. With all the different types of birth control out there, there's no excuse for not practicing safe sex.

yes yes and yes, don't have time honestly to read comments (sorry to be so rude), but greatly appreciated the story!

There are two things you have over looked, there is a reason why we say sex is for married people and the second, the baby's human rights, you is looking out for the precious child, afterall, children are a blessing from God. We need to stop punishing the babies for our enjoyment.

Exactly, RubyPoppy! The man who contributed his 'genetic material' to create the fetus in question is almost always left out of the equation by the ridiculous anti-choice crusaders. They are such hypocrites, because they pick on the physically weaker & more vulnerable person (i.e. the pregnant woman) and give not a thought to the man involved. It's absolutely hypocritical and disgusting.

Pro-Lifers decry being treated like human incubators but it's ok for men to be treated like ***** donors. So much for equal rights :)