My Plan B Experience From Hell

I had a possible accident, and to be on the safe side, went in search of Plan B.  One would think that this would be an easy process.  I live in a predominately catholic city, which turned out to be quite a problem.  My incident happened on a Friday night, so I had the weekend to try and resolve it.  At first, I called an "emergency clinic" and asked if they had Plan B.  Yes, was the response.  So, on this Saturday morning, I sat in the waiting room with every sick person in this city, waiting patiently.  When it was my turn, six hours later, in walked the doctor.  I gave him my story and he looked me straight in the eyes and said "I don't believe in Plan B, I'm catholic.".   Ok, YOU are catholic and do not approve, I AM NOT.  Anyway, long story -short... I called all over town, finding no one that would give me the presciption.  After two days of this nonsense, Monday morning I called the local drug store and asked them "who in this town will prescribe Plan B?".    PLANNED PARENTHOOD was the ONLY doc on record for writing this scrip.  I went to P.P., was in and out in about fifteen minutes with my pills. 

It was uneventful, I did not ever notice a change in my condition... haha, I was looking for an appropriate word.  I guess the story ends with ALL IS WELL.  So, support your local PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  Freedom is not necessarily as easy as you would think. 

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Planned Parenthood is a godsend. Read the facts. <br />
<br />
If you feel like you did something terrible when you KNOW that you didn't, sounds like some displaced guilt?? Get the facts.

I had an accident about a week ago, my boyfriend and I are "young" but old enough to attempt to handle the situation with as much responsibility as possible. The next day, we talked for hours on what the best solution would be, knowing that there's really only one day a month that I could even get pregnant, but we have had "scares" before, and we both knew that I couldn't mentally handle having another. We both decided that just to be safe, about 15 hours after the fact, that plan b would be the best option. If anything it would just prevent ovulation.. harmless. <br />
<br />
Well, apparently not to my best friend, who doesn't know the difference between plan b and the abortion pill, who is now telling me I had no idea what I was doing [upon taking the pills] and asking me "won't you always wonder" type questions and giving me this crazy unnecessary guilt.. <br />
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I guess all I really want is someone to tell me that I didn't do anything wrong. I know my best friend doesn't know what she's talking about and obviously won't listen when I try to explain it to her, but for some reason I still feel like I did something terrible when I KNOW I didn't. <br />
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I guess I'm the one who's confused....

let the flaming begin:-)

This is an interesting topic. On a personal level, I am pro-life.<br />
But I firmly believe that abortion or cessation of a pregnancy is a woman's choice. And her's alone. <br />
But, if a couple is married and the man wants his wife to carry the baby to term, there should be some form of mediation that ensures the husband is heard. <br />
If the couple isn't married, it could also be a problem, but I'd assume it's the woman's choice. <br />
In saying I am pro-life, I mean that the baby should be entitled to a life. Not an existence. Those sanctimonious pro-life organizations should be held legally and financially responsible for providing for children who are the result of unwanted pregnancy. If they want to prescribe morality, let them also provide the solution. Without action and commmitment to the sanctity of life, their actions are meaningless.<br />
I also believe in free contraception and sex education for all children over the age of 14. <br />
By sex education, I don't mean the biological story either. <br />
With proper sex technique education, I believe couples would probably have a better chance of having a fulfilling LTR. <br />
I do have a bit of an issue with women who have multiple abortions. <br />
I don't think any woman wants an abortion. But after the second, I think the woman should have counselling. If she's in a relationship with a man who's responsible for both of them, he should face legal consequences. After the third abortion, things get difficult for me.

i completely agree.

dedre, good one. <br />
<br />
I live in south texas, where 50% of the population is hispanic and catholic. They have just succeeded in keeping $60,000 of federal money, used for teaching contraception usage, aid out of our city. Under the catholic umbrella they are now claiming that all birth control is murder. We already have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the u.s. and now, we are keeping education out of the mix. I'm talking about planned parenthood, not the tired argument of teaching this in public schools. Adults are now being affected. <br />
<br />
My question is this: Is male ************ considered committing mass murder??

I know I'm a guy and usually very careful whenever I'm with a woman, but otherwise...<br />
...I love the analogies "veggie waitress, atheist bookstore cashier"; I honestly would love to see (or at least a cartoon) of a doctor denying EC to a woman, so she decided to grab a scalpel and carve out her ovaries to hand him saying "well here, since you decided you are my keeper I guess I don't have a say in using these or not"

I just had a very similar experience! <br />
I went to one place...they tried to guilt trip me.<br />
Went next door to a planned parenthood, they just handed me the pill!

haha I hear ya!

haha I hear ya!

i know - i swear the truth is stranger than fiction!

LOL! I had some of the same but this one woman especially, I will never forget her. Here is an excerpt from one of my stories about such,<br />
<br />
"I remember one woman as my taxi pulled up had a sign that read Please don't abort I will adopt your baby. Please notice that this woman apparently just climbed out of bed for she was in torn up sweat pants and a worn down shirt with holes in it (this is no exaggeration)... " <br />
I hated to judge her as unfit to care for any child of mine, but I would at least expect one who was offering to adopt one's child to wear something a little more appropiate... clothing that hadn't seemed to have been through a mosh pit at ozzfest perhaps.. but thats only my opinon..

yes, our pp protestors are definitely street people. the good news is that there are only two and they cannot spell and/or form sentences very clearly. haha

wow, I really hope you didn't pay for that doctors app. Glad everything worked out OK though! My goodness the nerve some people have refusing the proper treatment one needs/wants.. Protestors at PP are very annoying... I wrote a story about the ones I have encountered... geez... just thinking about those days I had to deal with them...It was literally like some of them just got out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to be there, or lived on the street during that night.. Who knows....Really odd that he wouldn't give you Plan B... PP is a wonderful organization and deserve all the kudos they can get.. really some amazing people work in my local ones I swear I have like 3 within 30 minutes of each other LOL...

never, in my wildest dreams, had i considred that it would be an issue. life is strange.

interesting story .. not sure if that would happen here . Like to think not.

nchloe - <br />
<br />
YES! So many people fail to realize (and we would hope that pharmacists and doctors would not be among them) that EC is not an abortion. Abortion presupposes conception, and what EC does is PREVENT CONCEPTION! If the fertilized egg is not implanted in the uterus yet, conception is not technically complete. GAH!<br />
<br />
mikemcneil -<br />
<br />
I agree with you completely! A vegetarian diner waitress is required to serve hamburgers. An emphysemic convenience store clerk cannot refuse to sell cigarettes. An atheist cashier at Barnes & Noble would be fired if he tried to prohibit a customer from buying a Bible. <br />
Why, then, should a "pro-life" pharmacist be allowed to deny paying patrons a product that he/she is supposed to provide? Sometimes crap like this is just too much for me!<br />
<br />
<br />
Here's a not-so-fun fact for y'all: <br />
In some states, including mine, religiously affiliated hospitals can refuse to dispense emergency contraception to arriving RAPE VICTIMS, on religious grounds. To clarify, that means that if you are raped, and an ambulance takes you to Sacred Heart hospital, you must find your own transportation to a secular hospital if you want your treatment to include EC. <br />
Imagine that: being brutally raped, and then having to take a 30 min. cab ride to receive adequate treatment.

yes, that's the key to so much absurdity in this world - religion!!!

fifi what you had to deal with was absurd. the doctor should have filled out your prescription. i understand some docs being against abortion, but those who are should be in support of plan b. it can potentially prevent unplanned pregnancies. and preventing an unplanned pregnancy can prevent the need for an abortion..... people just dont make sense [especially when religion is involved].

I am a proud supporter of Planned Parenthood (and former employee). I'm glad that you shared this story. It's a shame how many people are uneducated about what Plan B is. It's not an abortificient and doesn't kill a fetus. I wish people would have paid more attention in biology class. Anyway, it ****** me off that there are doctors and pharmacists that refuse to give people medicine! WTF! I used to counsel pregnant teens and I made sure that they understood the difference between Plan B and an abortion. It's surprising how many adults don't know the difference either. Here is an excerpt from the FDA:<br />
<br />
<br />
1. What is emergency contraception?<br />
<br />
Emergency contraception is a method of preventing pregnancy to be used after a contraceptive fails or after unprotected sex. It is not for routine use. Drugs used for this purpose are called emergency contraceptive pills, post-coital pills, or morning after pills. Emergency contraceptives contain the hormones estrogen and progestin (levonorgestrel), either separately or in combination. FDA has approved two products for prescription use for emergency contraception – Preven (approved in 1998) and Plan B (approved in 1999). <br />
<br />
2. What is Plan B?<br />
<br />
Plan B is emergency contraception, a backup method to birth control. It is in the form of two levonorgestrel pills (0.75 mg in each pill) that are taken by mouth after unprotected sex. Levonorgestrel is a synthetic hormone used in birth control pills for over 35 years. Plan B can reduce a woman’s risk of pregnancy when taken as directed if she has had unprotected sex. Plan B contains only progestin, levonorgestrel, a synthetic hormone used in birth control pills for over 35 years. It is currently available only by prescription<br />
<br />
3. How does Plan B work?<br />
<br />
Plan B works like other birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Plan B acts primarily by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary (ovulation). It may prevent the union of ***** and egg (fertilization). If fertilization does occur, Plan B may prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the womb (implantation). If a fertilized egg is implanted prior to taking Plan B, Plan B will not work.

nicebiter, I don't think you understand health risks that come with pregnancy. You act like it's just a scrape on the knee or something. It is a VERY big deal! Carrying another human being inside your body is a big deal. Any doctor who doesn't treat it as such shouldn't be practicing, in my opinion. <br />
<br />
Besides that, it is his job. I'm sorry if giving a woman a couple birth control pills to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is against his morals, but so what. I have to do things at my job that I really don't believe in, but I do them anyway because it is my job. <br />
<br />
We're talking about plan b, not an abortion. She wasn't asking him to perform an abortion.

Looks like Nicebiter acknowledged he hasn't got a valid argument to defend this doctor. A lot of huff n bluff as my old dad used to<br />
<br />
How much more "life or death" could this issue be by the way...?

She asked for treatment...he gave her his opinion and a hard time. Yet you defend him...he is not paid to give moral judgements, he is paid to give treatment correctly and efficiently.

Nicebiter, you are missing the point....the doctor put himself in the middle of the issue by expressing an opinion instead of doing the job he is contracted to do , and paid well for. If he wants to express his opinion he can do so freely out of the workplace. Would you defend a doctor who is a Jehovah's Witness refusing to give blood transfusions?...IIt worries me to think you might!

Luckily, they have been taken out of the equation, in my state. So, all is well... as long as the pharmacists read and fill, without passing judgement.

The doctor is in the wrong Nicebiter...I really don't see the problem you have with it. His opinions on birth control are not relevant to him carrying out his duties. If he feels it is morally wrong to prescribe the morning after pill he should make sure he informs the authorities who give him his practising license of his beliefs. It is not responsible of him to let his beliefs affect the treatment he dispenses. You might feel sympathetic to him, that is your valid opinion, but I really don't see how you can defend him in this situation. He was wrong.

a doctor's first concern should be the well-being of his patient. A doctor who denies a patient emergency birth control is not doing his job to protect the well-being of his patient. Pregnancy comes with many more risks than does plan b. I don't see why you would applaud a doctor who doesn't look out for the health of his patient.

I must be off to bed. Honestly, as a man, I really do not see how you could completely understand this situation. That may be unfair, but it's true... this cannot happen to you.

hmmm, i just see it differently. the doc was a professional, i expect a professional to conduct themselves professionally. this was not about the doctors moral compass, it was about my life and my decision to not get pregnant. I guess that's where the difference lies. I did not ask for an abortion, I just needed these few pills that are used when an ACCIDENT occurs. Accidents do happen. That's why this specific regimen was developed... to avoid the huge potential problem, that may or may not have occurred. You see?

Hmm, I did not go see the doctor for an opinion. I went to the doctor to get the prescription for my situation. I guess, in the end, I walked away with his opinion.

What is the difference between a doc and/or a pharmacist saying NO?

I'm in Texas and the religious right wing threw a huge fit, luckily it still passed. Then, on the news, the day it passed... there was a pharmacist stating that HE would not distribute.

I have actually heard of that happening!!!

but can't a pharmacist refuse to sell it if it's against their religious beliefs? Or have I been misinformed?

it's a new law, that you no longer need a prescription. thank god!

I got plan B at wal-mart without a prescription. I was a bit surprised and very relieved that it was so simple.

true. just in case you's a man's world! haha

no kidding! can you imagine having that problem, and having some guy look you straight in the eye and say" no". ???

Trust me, the anger and disbelief that I felt, will never go away. It was absolutely absurd. I was made to feel like I did something wrong. I had issues with the religious factor and also, the male factor. How dare some guy dictate how I live my life!!! Just thinking about it all, makes me mad!

yes, we are talking hours, not days or weeks. merely hours. no biggie.

Lo-Ovral is the correct spelling

Well, plan B is hardly an abortion. it's basically a triple dose of Lo overal (which is birth control). You just take it an a very large dose, within 72 hours of potential accident.

I was assuming the the doc was a professional and that his personal beliefs were... his, not mine. All i needed was him to put pen to paper. I was thoroughly disgusted and shocked. Maybe I'm naive.

Oh yes, we have the insane (literally!) picketers every day of the week. These three people, obviously unemployed, losers trying to force their beliefs onto others. Yes, i hate that too. Live and let live. "out of towners" haha sort of like how bush calls iraqui terrorists "Insurgents"... haha so lame.

There is only one Planned Parenthood office (very small, one doc.) in this town. Give them your support!!!