Living For The Sake Of Being Alive (and who really cares about the rape victims, anyway?)

It's the mother's body, and not anyone else's. What if she was raped, then what? You're going to make the mother (who could be below 18) go through the horror and pain of child-birth after what she's gone through, and make the child live a life of darkness if it's born into a family that doesn't want it or put up for a life as an orphan child at an abortion center? Being ANTI-abortion is just pure inconsideration for the child and mother. Are you honestly saying that people should leave the child alive simply for the sake of being alive? Regardless of the long-term consequences of it's birth on both the child and it's mother (who anti-abortionists never seem to take into consideration)?

I repeat what I said. You are keeping the child alive simply for the sake of living. I agree with the fact that everyone has a right to life, but the child isn't even born yet. By banning abortion, not only does this cause negative consequences for the mother (as I mentioned), but also for the child (as I also mentioned). What quality of life are you giving it? You also need to think about societies like in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Africa, etc, where if the mother gives birth to a child out of wedlock, even if it's by rape, both she and her child become social outcasts, and can't fend for themselves, or even feed themselves. They end up living in the street. A lot of these women can't get proper medical care, so they might have to give birth with no midwife or anything. Not to mention, let's say it was a little girl, raped by her father, for example. Girls can hit puberty from as young as nine, and it's not unheard of that girls can get pregnant from that age as well. And yet, the girl is still a child. Her body is not even properly developed to birth a child, and it's highly likely that she die in the process. Even if she doesn't, why add to the trauma? You agreed rape was horrible, so why would you add to the horror by throwing unwanted pregnancy and childbirth into the mixture? I don't know if you'd seen a birthing video, but childbirth is not this 'magical' thing. It's horrific and painful. And if the girl dies in the process, whether it was because she was too young or because she was in Congo or wherever, what will happen to the child? Was keeping it alive the best choice, in all honesty? Women all over the world are raped by the second. Is it fair to let them give birth to the children of their attackers and be forever tied to them? And besides, what right does anybody have to dictate what goes on in their wombs? It should be illegal to kill your child once you birth it, because then it is a living, breathing, individual officially on the Earth. But if it's not born yet, the mother should have a right to her own womb. If you, or your mother/sister/friend/daughter was raped, would make them birth a baby they never even wanted anyway? Would you?

It's their vagina. Especially in regards to rape victims. If they couldn't decide what went in, won't you have the decency to at least let them decide what goes out

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Here is a quote from a well-written story by 'thatonecreepydude': "Pro-lifers are hypocrites to me. Every time I see a pro-life ad, it usually involves a happy mother (usually White) in her late twenties joyfully embracing her newborn baby. This makes it look like abortion is some awful thing robbing a mother of a child she desperately wants. Either that or it shows a happy toddler playing in a garden while his smiling parents look on. That is all a bunch of bullcrap. If pro-life organizations were honest in their ads, they would show a sad African American woman in her late teens or early twenties holding a screaming and malnourished infant, or a bruised and lonely child sitting by himself on a street corner while his single mother hurls another beer can at him. If you actually do some research, you'll find that lower-class inner city African Americans (many of whom cannot properly care for a child) get more abortions than any other group of people in America, and that parents who had children unexpectedly are more likely to be abusive. If pro-lifers really cared about children, then they wouldn't oppose abortion. Better to be killed before becoming self-aware than to bring a child into the world under these conditions." <br />
I thought it was very well said

You say everyone has a right to life, but the baby isn't born yet. True, it's not born, but it is ALIVE! The rape excuse is used all of the time by pro abortionists. The fact is these account for approx 1.5% of abortions. If 98.5% of abortions could be eradicated, I may be happy, But, the rape argument doesn't hold water for me. If I told you today that I was conceived in rape, should I be hauled off and killed because my life isn't worthwhile because of how I came about? Sounds a little ridculous. Yet, a baby who cannot speak for themselves is given a "mercy" killing. If you care to dig a little deeper, many women who were raped chose to go through with the pregnancy, and either raised the child or gave him/her up for adoption. I have not yet found one who regrets their decision. Those who keep the children say they see their child, not the rapist. Those who are raped and abort their babies, do not find peace in it, because two wrongs don't make a right.<br />
<br />
The womb should be the safest place in the world for a child. But it's not for those like you who don't value life, but see these beautiful children as an inconvenience. <br />
<br />
Hey women, we are only fertile a few days/month. If you don't want to get pregnant, then you can take responsibility to ensure it doesn't happen. If you do get pregnant, delight in your child!

Did you think the rape 'excuse' is used all the time because pro-abortionists have an ulterior motive, which is the desire to kill babies for the fun of it? Did you consider for a moment that perhaps pro-abortionists always use the rape 'excuse' because it's a perfectly valid reason to get an abortion?

Where do you get your statistics from? Please site your sources. And your argument proves you do not get the point. If you were already BORN as a result of rape, there is no reason to have you 'hauled off and killed'. We're talking about when the mother is pregnant, and should be given a choice whether to let the baby be born (which is already an incredibly painful process with many long-term consequences) or not. You dig a little deeper. Did the women really choose to go through the pregnany, or where they given to other option? Or felt compelled to do it against their wishes because of people like you? 'I have not yet found one who regrets their decision' So you've met a bunch of raped women who gave birth, and conclude that because it wasn't bad for them, it wouldn't be bad for anyone else. Have you met all the women in the world who get pregnant as a result of rape? The women who birth the baby of soilders over in Congo and get abandoned by their husbands, the maids in Saudi Arabia who get lashed for being pregnant outside marriage, the young girls who hit puberty early dying while giving birth, or the ones who can't continue their education and who's whole lives are turned around because they have to look after a completely undesired baby they weren't psychologically or emotionally prepared to birth or look after...You honestly support forcing these women to birth children they never wanted?
'Two wrongs don't make a right', no they don't. Having an abortion would not make a woman feel better about rape. But who are you to decide what's wrong and what's right. What's right is to give people a CHOICE, and not have it taken away from them after it already has been before (remember, they were raped).
I think if you got pregnant out of rape (which adds to the trauma, as many women see pregnancy and childbirth as scary, especially those who were too young or who didn't want the child) and had all of society shun you, you would see the child as inconvience too. If you are a man, and can't get pregnant anyway, you have no right to even be talking about this subject.
How can raped women ensure they don't get pregnant? Tell me that.

PS: Read some of the stories and comments here to clarify my point, like 'My Body My Mental Health'. Some of the comments there prove that anti-abortionists that believe in forcing women to do something to their bodies that they don't want couldn't really care less about the mothers, or even the child. They care about 'life'. And by the way, Amnesty International, the top HUMAN RIGHTS organization, is pro-abortion. What do you have to say to that?

First, I am a woman and a mother. I have done a LOT of research on the subject. The research I have done has been admittedly primarily focused within Canada &amp; the US where 1/3 babies are aborted. The largest proportion of those are simply unwanted, and an inconvenience. Unfortunately this site does not allow links to be posted. But if you google after, and narrow it by rape-******-abortion, there's a great article about dispelling these common myths. It's very easy to research women who were raped and had abortions vs carrying through with the pregnancies. No, I don't know them all personally. Do you know all of the women in Congo? That's a silly argument. My point is that you are actively promoting abortion (yes, promoting "choice" is the same as abortion), by using one argument, which simply doesn't account for 98.5% of the reason women kill their babies. You want to focus on that, fine.
You missed the point of my analogy about if I was a product of rape, should I be killed? The entire point of my story is that every human life is valuable, even in the womb. That baby is a person.
I think that pro abortionists use the rape argument all of the time because that is where they feel they can get the most support with their views.
About 75% of raped women who get pregnant choose life. Did you know that? Another fact is more women are forced to have abortions, then pro lifers forcing them to keep the baby. Read stories on this site alone about women who regret their abortion because they were forced/coerced/pressured. I cannot find any who were forced to keep their baby.
You're right, I do care about life. All life. Those babies, and their mothers. I would be all for supporting an organization that helps those mothers in Africa who are abandoned by their husbands because of rape (and by the way they're abandoned by their husbands because of the rape, whether or not she even gets pregnant).
By the way, men absolutely have a say in the matter of babies being killed by the millions.

I am aware of the statistics, but again, more than half of rapes go unreported. What if some of those who went under the category 'social reasons' did it because they were raped? A website I just came across,, states "Some statistics report that conception as a result of rape occurs in less than one percent of cases, while other studies indicate higher figures such as 4.7%. Rape-related Pregnancy may be more widespread than we know - many women are understandably reluctant to talk about it. Common contexts for conception in rape are war and domestic violence settings." It also says "The choice is ultimately yours, and you do not need to justify it. In being raped, you have had choice taken away from you. It's very important that you are empowered to make the best choices for yourself now."

Estimates based on the U.S Cencus suggest that there may be 32,101 annual rape-related pregnancies among American women over the age of 18 - Center for Diseases Control, Rape Fact Sheet 2/2000. If you ban abortion, you ban all those women from getting an abortion. One in three women will be raped in their lifetimes, and banning abortion will be closing the door on a choice they should have a right to make after a very important one was taken away.

I never said I knew all the women in Congo, but you did. I quote "I have not yet found one who regrets their decision. Those who keep the children say they see their child, not the rapist." And since we're on the topic of Congo, on you will find an article called 'Congo rape testiomines: Aged one to 90....' in the video, the woman who went there to help these people mentions how it is difficult for these women to love the children born to them through rape, and mentions her worries that since these children had no education, they might grow up to be the next generation of rebels.

I'm using the rape argument to 'get more support with my views', now am I? This hit a nerve. How dare you imply that I'm using rape to promote abortion. What would I get out of promoting abortion? Do you think I would be defending it half as much as I am now if it weren't for rape? Did you ever consider that maybe rape was the whole POINT?

If you don't believe in abortion, even if the woman was raped and is scared and not emotionally or PHYSICALLY mature enough to birth a child, then the solution is simple isn't it? Don't get an abort. Problem solved.

Here's the golden part from pandys. org, directed at rape victims "Nobody has the right to force their values onto you."

MilkMoon, thank you for providing facts about rape that I can address. You say rape is the whole POINT, but that is really not the face of abortions. You say there could be over 30,000 rape related pregnancies in the US annually. That's horrific, indeed, and I am completely appalled by rape. However, even if 50% of those women choose abortion (though stats are more like 25%), that's 15,000 abortions/year. 1.2 MILLION abortions are performed annually in the US. The real face of abortion are married women with children who just don't want another right now, women who cheated on their boyfriends and think killing this child will make things right, college students who don't want to interrupt their studies, one night stands, casual sex buddies, tight finances, etc... By far the vast majority of abortions are performed for selfish reasons because people made choices and don't want to deal with the consequences. But, you go ahead and focus on the 1% of victims. Rape is one area, but it is certainly a narrow minded view of abortion. There is a lot broken with this world, but I don't believe the solution is to kill the next generation.
One more thing, I'm supposing that you're not a mother, because giving birth is not horrific, it has been the absolute best experience of my life (twice). Expecting my third right now, I am looking forward to the birth experience (without pain meds).

Just one more thought in regards to "Nobody has the right to force their values onto you." We all stand for what we believe is right. If you were present when a man was going to rape a woman, wouldn't you try to stop him? Even though your values are different than his? Just as I would try to stop someone from murdering a child in the street, I will defend the unborn because it's what I stand for. Everyone has the right to life, it's our most basic right. I hope that you take the passion you have for raped women and use it to help them. May God Bless you.

Idiots like you **** me off. If your dumb *** gets raped and impregnated, then you can keep that rape spawn, but you don't get to decide for anyone else. **** off.

Wow, repro1, you blow me away with your articulate arguments! Nothing intelligent to add? No, I don't get to decide for anyone else, but I do hope to wake people up to the holocaust that is happening right in front of our eyes. But you don't strike me as someone who values life.

@chooselife1: I suppose we can agree to disagree. Though I focus on rape, I believe that other women who want to abort should have the right to do so. Not only because it is their choice, but also because it would suck for a baby to be born into the arms of a mother like the ones you mentioned, or put into an orphanage. Have you ever volunteered at an orphanage? A lot of the children wish they'd never been born. And as for 'giving birth is not horrific, it has been the absolute best experience of my life'. So I'm guessing you weren't scared, screaming, bleeding, and in excruciating pain? Even if everything was sunshines and roses for you at the time, think about it from the perspective of a rape victim, especially a young girl who hit puberty and got raped and pregnant at 10-15. A minor, who's body hasn't even fully developed yet. Would it be the best expereince of their lives, especially since it wasn't what they wanted? I'll give you an analogy: Someone wants to have sex and has it with someone they love. To those people, sex means intimacy and pleasure. Then think of someone who was raped/molested. To them, sex means disgust, pain, and fear. While giving birth might have been the best experience of your life, that's because it was what you wanted. If it wasn't what you wanted, I doubt you would be saying the same thing. Besides, don't you know that every minute, at least one woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth? I didn't make that up. You can Google it. I don't think something that leaves you screaming and that can kill you would be described to many as the best experience of their lives, whether or not they consented to it.

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well said MilkMoon. i am 100 percent behind you on this one..woman's body..woman's choice!

Thank you for commenting Owl. I agree. It's nobody's place to decide what goes on inside her body.