My Favorite Pro-choice Quote,

I saw this on a bumper sticker once and love it still today.....

"if you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?"
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hey that's really a good one!

All of you "pro-life" people should not get a say in the matter of abortion until you have adopted at least one child that results from an unwanted pregnancy, put your "pro-life" vote where your mouth is against capital punishment, and start looking at ways to rehabilitate people instead of locking them up. Value the lives that already exist before you start trying to force more into this world.

If some on asks you to watch their pet while their out of town and you kill it do you think they would ever ask you to watch their pet again? When a person, male or female, has sex they are tacking part in an act that has consequences. When a person, male or female, fails to take responsibility for their actions they shouldn't be trusted. Being and adult means accepting responsibility for your actions. All rights that adults enjoy come with responsibilities. Driving a car, drinking alcohol, having sex, smoking cigarette etc. are rights and privileges enjoyed by adults but those rights and privileges come with responsibilities. If you break the speed limit you get a ticket. You have a responsibility to obey traffic laws. If you drink and drive you go to jail. If smoke you get cancer and die. If you have sex there is a chance of disease and children. It all goes back to accepting responsibility for your actions. This goes for men and women alike.

"If smoke you get cancer and die." but most people don't get cancer and then not get treatment for it because they DESERVE to die for having smoked, right? Same thing with pregnancy. Just because a woman got herself pregnant doesn't mean she just has to accept it because OPTIONS exist.

Again it all goes back to accepting the consequences of your actions. Killing what is or one day will be a innocent human being to shrug off your responsibility is the most cowardly form of murder there is. I question the sanity and most importantly the humanity of a person that would do such a thing. Murder is not the act of a civilized person. Abortion is simply the act of killing what is or one day will be a person for no purpose other than the child isn't wanted. If you don't want to receive a speeding citation then don't speed. Simply not paying the ticket isn't an option. Abortion shouldn't be an option either.

Very good question. And the answer is: we don't. If you are given one life and you destroy it before it even begins why on earth should you be trusted with another.

Excellent. I want that bumper sticker! Short sweet & to the point!


Spare the lecture, save it for another group, like pro-life, until they are born, so they can stay poor, grow up and be killed in war monger's wars.


Hello friend, I love this...short,sweet and right to the point. I hope things are going well for are your journey plans coming along? Hugs, kat