I Will Always Be Pro-choice.

I do not have anything against people who are pro-life, or pro-abortion. The only time I'm full on pro-choice is when a teen girl is acting stupid, gets pregnant, and decides to have an abortion because a baby will ruin her life. Sorry honey, you ruined your own life.
Where I disagree with pro-life is when have a baby may kill the mother. Say the mother to be has an illness where she cannot have children without harming her body in the labor process? Would you risk her life? What about a rape victim? Are you going to make her (excluding male victims) have her rapists baby? I was raped 8 times. I got pregnant once. I got an abortion. Am I a terrible person? Please tell me, I'd like to know if I qualify.
To all you people who are pro-life, no disrespect, but it's the woman's body. They're not "killing" a baby, they're aborting a fetus.
madielane madielane
13-15, F
Jan 25, 2012