This Is Why I Despise The Pro-life Stance
The story above is entitled "Why I rejected Plan B after my disabled daughter was raped". This woman has a daughter that is mentally disabled and functions at about the level of an eight year old who was kidnapped, beaten and raped. This mother then decides that she should deny any treatment to her daughter that would prevent a pregnancy because apparently rape babies are merely unexpected gifts for women in the eyes of people this vile and contemptuous.

I mean, seriously who but the lowest of the low would use a situation this horrific to push their ideologies on the internet? In the comment section barely any of the pro-lifers even bother to mention the mentally challenged girl who will be forced to carry a child against her will. It's all praise to this grandma-to-be and a giant circle jerk for religious drivel... These people have no empathy for the suffering of women. None. We are non-entities to them, just a life support system for a uterus. How can any other woman be okay with being relegated to that?
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Some people simply refuse to acknowledge that all births are not practical births.<br />
And with the resources in the world being rationed out as they are, having children may not be the best thing to do.<br />
Especially for those in situations where their lifestyle or conditions may make the life of the child and themselves harder than they have to be.

Wow! I would like to take this Elise Hilton, impregnate her with ***** from the most vile, despicable, HIV positive, slime ball I could find in our prison system, and send her to some poverty stricken slum in India where she would be forced to live out of land fill for at least the next year. Then hand her plan B and see what she does. <br />
These people are beyond ignorant. By the time this woman’s daughter processed this plan B the cell that would produce a life wouldn’t even be fully formed. What an arrogant self centered, selfish, self aggrandizing ***** this Elise Hilton is. And I would be willing to bet she would be first in line to protest the funeral of a gay solder.