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I am Pro Choice. When I tell people this they usually seem so shocked by it, because it seems so not me. Although, I have my reasons for choosing this way. Abortion would never be a option for myself, but that's just me, and that's a personl 'choice' I would make. I think any other women should have that choice as well, and no matter what they decide. First, do you know how many abortions take place every year? Approximately, 1.37 million in the United States alone. And, 42 million worldwide. Do you honestly think this planet isn't overpopulated enough? I mean, I guess if you want all orphanages to be full then have at it. Second, just because you make abortion illegal doesn't mean it will stop people from doing it, at least with it being legal it will be done by a trained and skilled doctor in a clean facility where there is much less danger than if someone were to get an illegally done abortion. Third, I'm generalizing here, so this does not apply to everyone, so don't get me wrong, people who get abortions aren't ready for a child and don't want a child, now I'll generalize and say many of those women probably aren't the best, most proper citizens (generalizing again, not saying all) so most wouldn't go through the trouble of placing their baby up for adoption, so instead that baby will be born into a family that doesn't love them? Didn't even want them. Not to religion this all up or anything, but I believe that child will have another chance at life with some family that will adore and care and love them all their lives.  I feel better that a child would be born into a family that would love and care for them instead of having a terrible life where they feel unwanted, and will probably end up as another abused/neglected child statistic. Do you see where I'm coming from? I have plenty of reasons I'll give to you, and for god sakes it's the women's body, and she has a right to choose, now personally I would say 'if you don't want a baby then always use birth control, I mean, god, if anything just don't have sex, it really isn't that hard'. And to say what if that women was raped? She should have to go through with having that baby? Really? She has no say in it whatsoever, she has a right if she so chooses to abort that child. I'm not a bad person for thinking this way. I think with a Pro Choice mentality, because I do. It makes more sense to me. If anyone here is bad it's those damn protesters that think it is okay to protest in front of a abortion clinic using morbid images and telling women that they're terrible people if they go through with it. Do you honestly think that woman isn't having enough trouble going through with this? You do not know the circumstances of what they went through, so shut the hell up. If you don't agree with abortion, then fine. I support your own opinion on the matter, but it's just not mine. Like I said, for myself abortion would never be an option, I just would never bring myself to do such a thing, but it should always remain an option for women who want to do that. So I have my reasons for being Pro Choice, so don't bash me for my own ideas, and I won't say anything about yours.
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Just when I thought I had seen it all you propose infanticide as a viable means of population control. I guess in your world view genocide is justified because it serves the same function.

God save us from you and your twisted generation ...

You only picked one of my reasons to argue?
That must mean my other reasons were much too valid to argue ;)
Population control isn't a reason, it's just something that is to come by default.

You really are a black hearted monster, aren't you. Infanticide, like genocide, is wrong.

I see you are completely and morally fine with that of the mass child abuse that would likely follow if that was to be made illegal.

How very hypocritical of you. Now who's the one who has such little faith in mankind?

Are you saying you can't recognize the child abuse and ultimate deaths that would bring on?
If you are SO religious you would see God would give these lost children another chance with a family who would WANT and LOVE them.
Instead of some loser, drug addicted abusive moron.

That's some ego ya got there little girl. Just who do you think you are? Who gave you the final authority to decide who should live and who should die?

God. God did when he gave me the choice of free will.
Yet again - you seem to not be answering my question.
You are fine with child abuse?
Just say it.

So now you're a megalomaniac. God gave you no such authority. Free will does not entitle you to decide who should live and who should die. Don't beleive me? Go ahead and kill a couple of random people and watch what'll happen to you silly girl.

You contradicted yourself.
You admitted I can kill people with my free will.
God didn't invent the police that I would be arrested by shortly after I did so.
Your points are like you are five years old - when will you see the difference between a developed human and a fetus?

Also! You still ignored my question about you are okay with child abuse. Again.

First off, you're confusing ability with authority. Just because you have the ability to do something doesn't mean you also have the authority to do so. Despite what your inflated ego tells you, you have no authority to decide who should live and who should die.

Second, when I ignore a question - or your friend's comments - it's because they're vacuous. You know me well enough to know that I abhor child abuse.

Third, the distinction you make between a fetus and a baby is otiose in our discussion because we're still talking about a member of the human race - a human being. No matter how you slice it (pun intended) the killing of an innocent human being is murder and the murder of a baby - in or exo the womb - is infanticide.

And if you feel no compassion for the murder of a defensless infant that says more about your 'morality' than anything else you've ever said.

It's not an infant yet if it has yet to be born.
In fact - I am entirely against any crime against a child, and I honestly think this way we avoid so much child abuse and deaths.
These fetus' will get another chance with another loving family. Because I do believe in God.
If you wish to carry on this argument any further - message me

But it doesn't end child abuse. The only way to end child abuse is to END child abuse.

Btw, what do you mean when you say these fetuses will get another chance with another family?

I said message me if you want to continue.

You didn't say "please" silly girl, heh ehee he :*

Go ahead and message your reply. I'll be more than happy to respond.

Please is a sign of respect. You don't deserve even a fraction of respect from anyone. You just made a complete utter *** of yourself. Good job.

Respect is a two way street, no? :)

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well, i respect your viewpoint. but now the Reich wing evangelical Republican haters will smell your Pro Choice attitude and swarm here like sharks, ready and willing to shred you. you have my best wishes.