When I was in Uni I used to work at a bakery every morning before class from 5am to 9am (I bet you can imagine what a wonderful mood I was in). This bakeries parking lot happened to be directly across the street from the provincial abortion clinic. Every morning as I was leaving work to head to class I was met with the same 25 protesters picketing the entrance to the abortion clinic. Waving their "pro life " signs with pictures of aborted fetuses etc. it gave me so much joy to tell them off every morning :) I would always give them the middle figure at the very least or shbacklit something both vulgar and intelligent I had picked up in my human rights class. I look back now and I guess it was kinda childish but it really made me feel good that just for one second I might be able to make their day just for one second as terrible as they made every women that had to walk by them into that clinic.
Orcha Orcha
26-30, F
May 16, 2012