I Believe In Choice....

I believe in choice....

I believe it is the the choice of every young man -- and young woman -- to abstain from sexual activity until such time that they wish to become parents, or they can act responsibly with regard to birth control.

I believe in choice....

I believe it is the choice of every young man -- and young woman -- to engage in sexual activity as they wish, as long as they do so with the readily available myriad of birth control methods at the pharmacies on every corner, many school clinics, or health clinics across the nation -- in many cases free of charge.

That "Choice," however, has been made once a child is conceived. An innocent child is never merely the "choice" of someone else -- that child is a life. No one's "freedom" nor "convenience" is more valuable than a life.

I am "Pro-Choice." All the way up to where a choice means ending an innocent life. That is a "right" no one has.
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Simply loved this story, couldnt defend those innocents better. Choice with responsability.Defending life from the very beginning.

Please note that the 'choice' of abstaining from sex has just recently become legal as rape within marraige wasn't 'possible', as rape outside of marriage due to coercion or physical force . Please note that birth control is NOT available to many of the world's women, several of whom are 'not raped' because they are in the custody of that stranger they were 'married' off to. Please note that loss of virginity whether willingly or not will lead to death therefore a quiet abortion is life saving. Please note that my friend died when she chose to have her daughter rather than have her chemo. Please note that until modern times abortion was not considered murder and the fetus was considered property to recompense for and every father had the 'right' to put it to death after birth. Please note your information is limited to enhance your opinion.

I'm sympathetic to your anger and your loss. I, too, had someone close to me who discovered, while she was expecting her second child, that she had breast cancer. She could have aborted the child and had the chemo -- instead, she CHOSE to wait months, bring her child into the world, and then have treatments and surgery. She lived 8 years, had several remissions and relapses, but ultimately, we lost her.

Please don't think I don't know the feelings, the emotions of hurt and loss that are involved in these decisions. I am also not ignorant of history. There were some pagan cultures where children were put to death after birth. Even today, with China's "One Child" policy, some Children are rounded up and summarily exterminated. Is that "right"?

I am an American. I don't live in those other nations. I am not a pagan. At no time in our history have we as a people ever done the things you described, and considered it "right." That's what makes us different -- "exceptional." I don't want to be like those nations, or those peoples. And I don't want to terminate Children, born and unborn, by the millions. It's not only morally wrong, it violates all that America is and means....

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..."

You seem like a very intelligent, and understanding person. Thank you for your polite responses. As for me I think that a human life is something that is sacred, and we have no authority to decide if a life should live or die. But on the other hand we have no right to dictate to a person how they should take care of their body. I believe strongly that the person who will be effected most by the situation must make that decision. A woman carries the burden, and the potential to grow a human life, and share her body with another. She must make the decision when it comes down to whether she will keep the baby, or she will not. Only she should be able to make that decision, no one else. I do not support the killing of any human life, but I know no third party has the right to make that kind of decision.

I agree with everything you've said on the previous comment, Jim, but sometimes those BC's fail, or in some cases, are dangerous. I for one, don't have sex for fear of pregnancy, but I think my stance and choices on the issue are seen as "extreme" to most people.. And I do value my body, life and my future children in this context, where I'm hyper-vigilant about the possibility of pregnancy to the point of remaining abstinent, but... there's no way to provide a solid foundation for all young girls and women to have this resolve, you know? I came to this decision by being educated, and, the most important factor, because I have a really great father who told me the absolute truth, no sugar coating, about sex in your youth and the risks, what I would be trading in, for a child... How many children and teens can honestly say that they had a father, or role model, or parent who will tell them this truth? Not many. And I know schools and public ads preach abstinence and BC's, but they aren't giving teens the "reasons" for these options, not in ways that resonate. And if so many of these teens have parents that live irresponsibly and don't provide that solid foundation, what's there to break the cycle of ignorance? Without a role model, or positive entity in their lives, they're going to make the same mistakes as their parents and peers... will giving birth to a child in this situation improve the mother's life or that child? or will it be a continuation of poor familiar influence and ignorance? No one knows... but there's a definite likelihood... I guess I'm saying, for the ones who are put in a situation where they want to abort, the reasons behind it aren't always selfish.. there is a big picture behind it, that we can't see. And I know both pro-life and pro-choice are fighting for the same thing, human rights, but it's just really difficult to support one life's choices while denying the other, who might not have had the best circumstances to make better choices over their actions, prior to pregnancy... I feel that those individuals, in particular, really need those options. Much Love, Leela.

Hi Leela:

Thanks for responding to this post. I understand you reasoning, and I respect your responsible attitude. You are indeed blessed with a Father who raised you well, honestly and forthrightly regarding issues like these.

I suppose the only thing I find disquieting is that one could conclude that both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates are "fighting for the same thing, human rights," but then conclude that abortion must be an option that remains on the table. In this case, the only "humans" who don't get a "vote," who don't get a "voice," are the unborn children. Still, I respect you view point, and I appreciate your comments! I look forward to talking with you in the future!

I think it really comes down to immediate needs, and feasibility.. I know this is a different situation, but, it reminds me of how, when people need organs, healthy living organs to continue their life, certain age groups are not eligible for that benefit.. Who are we to determine who is "worthy" of those life-saving opportunities? We give those organs to more youthful recipricants because we assume the younger group "needs it more".. I don't think that kind of prejudice is much different than the life v. choice debate.. Of one being more "deserving" than the other, when it comes to a life, whether the mother, or the fetus... I just don't think we as people, are liable to make that call, whether right or wrong. Either way, someone, or both, lose that battle.

and another thing.. (sorry, I keep going on and on, lol) is that, I do understand that some people feel that the option of abortion itself, is an enabler of... less than careful sexual habits, because people know that they can have it done... I really understand that part, but I'm not sure if having it unavailable would increase the responsibility of sexual partners... another unknown, I guess.

Well Jim, you may not value body autonomy but I am awfully glad no one can force me to sustain the life of another against my will. You should be too, after all following your logic, the government should be able to forcibly remove a person's kidney or a lung so that another can make use of it.

Last I heard there was no consensus that potential human life is intrinsically of more value than the lives, needs or desires of the people that are already born. In fact none of the pro-lifers I have ever met offer anything in the way of a logical argument at all. It's always just propaganda, shaming tactics, and Bible thumping: none of which are convincing.

No, Muse, and no argument, no matter how logical, scientific, spiritual, rational, compassionate, or desperate will ever convince someone who believes their "body autonomy" is more important than the life of another person -- born, or unborn.

"will ever convince someone who believes their "body autonomy" is more important than the life of another person -- born, or unborn."
Yes, I believe that people have the right to not have their own bodies violated for another person's use. I think the fact that you are even disputing such a thing makes me think you are really just posturing. I mean, have you even thought of all the implications of a world without body autonomy? It would make hell look like a luxury resort.

"no argument, no matter how logical, scientific, spiritual, rational, compassionate, or desperate"
If pro-lifers had logical, rational arguments why does the basis for nearly every pro-life post I've ever seen offer such little content outside emotional pleading about innocent babies?

They don't, Ma'am. But you won't hear them. You don't want to. You've drawn your conclusions -- and I understand and respect that. I would make a simple request of you -- please, I know it's your "choice" to do with your body as you will. But do everything you can to prevent pregnancy, rather than rely on "terminating" it.

With Respect,


"But do everything you can to prevent pregnancy, rather than rely on "terminating" it."

You don't have to worry there. I have two beautiful kids that were very wanted and loved. I have never had any abortions nor do I have any desire to get one in the future. It's not the right decision for me but I can understand how it might be for someone else.

That's great :-) I'm sure you love your children very much. Thank you for responding to my post. Blessings, Muse....

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