George Carlin ~ "pro-life Is Anti-woman"

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George Carlin always knew how to tell it like it is.

He was such a good role model. He must have been very knowledgable about what its like to be a pregnant woman? -sarcasm

the decision to kill a baby should always be the moms decision. I mean that's what the "choice" is. If the choice was life then there would be no argument. I wish other woman knew what the procedure was like.

as well they should have that right to kill. But why should my tax money pay for people to kill legally. It's bad enough that my taxes go to fund lawyers who defend unlawful murders
I'm not lost. I'm half pro-choice and all pro-life. the choice to live.

a "cell cluster?" LOL

Notice how she dodged the entire comment?... That's what children do when they're trying to not get caught. Very mature. Very.

as long as the attacker pays for it... not my taxes or health insurance. Abortion isnt birth control. People should pay for their own birth control

Kill civilians as long as you don't have to pay for it?

Tell you what.

In my opinion, based on the things I've seen you post so far... youre very uneducated, very self centered, far too opinionated and downright ignorant.

$5 says you've lived in a little suburban neighborhood for you're whole life. You've had a few instances of stress and decision making of a small nature, and somehow you believe that your opinion is infallible and almighty. You realize the context behind half of the stuff you just said right? You just made yourself look like a complete jackass. I know I'm breaking a guideline by coming straight at you like this, but you came here to troll so I will too.

You havn't even been out of precious highschool for more than three years... how can you know anything worldly?

Lastly, way to go with this one ""the decision to kill a baby should always be the moms decision""

So If I have a three month old kid, and I don't want him anymore, I can just stab him and let him die?? If I'm his parent and that's what I decide?? Read a book dummy. The fetus doesn't have any brain activity until the second trimester, It's not a baby. It's not a person. Like bijoux said... cell cluster. Just cells in a group. Same as a fingernail.

The real shame is that our educational system spits out people like you. All opinion and action; No facts or evidence.

You **** me off.

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RIP George, you were one of a kind.

Love this!

Hahaha I've seen this video like 100 times. I love George Carlin


Oh how I miss Mr. Carlin! Along with Lenny Bruce & Richard Pryor, he was one of the true geniuses of comedy!

He could be both silly & thought provoking. And he was often spot on with his commentaries about human behavior, society & world history. In many ways, he was like a college professor...but with a very edgy sense of humor. ;-)

Thanks for sharing, Mon Amie~


' If you're pre-born you're fine , if you're pre-school you're ****** '. :)

Love that "conservatives'll do anything for the unborn, but once you're born, you're ******." How a group which opposes abortion can also be so opposed to welfare for the living just baffles me...

tell her to use her boobies to feed the baby. That's how it works.

if I hung out with people who believe everything I believe what would be the point? sorry my opinion is different than yours B.

God damn I miss that man's comedy. Pro-life is anti-woman is one of those catchphrases I use... constantly.



I never really thought of Carlin so much as a comedian. He was a philosopher. A funny philosopher.

Catholic...until I reached the age of reason.
RIP George.

Me too...and I'm not even Catholic!

George Carlin is really funny but that's easy when your talking about republicans.

He was SO hysterical. I still have some of his LPs from WAY back. I WAS disappointed in his lack of support for environmental causes. But he was so "right on" about everything else, at least to me. Thanks for posting!