The Sooner the Better!

I believe : the sooner the better, because after all it's kind of a brutal thing to do to that little thing. But I also believe that we have too many kids anyway, and that not everyone should have kids. Especially not if there isn't enough money around for education, clothes...and all of that stuff. also: having a mental illness myself: it is not said that at age 18 you are rid of your need to have a certain financial background. and we all know that those condomes can tear apart, right? I wonder who is against choice, more men or more women? and what is it regarding you if a woman chooses to abort anyway?

Sex education is important. abortion is "the last possibility". if you care know the word, I don't know it right now, you know condoms, the pill probably won't need an abortion. But we all know that the pilldoesn't always work as it should, right? especially if you forget it just once! so,to me there's no other way than to be pro choice.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

navyvet, I suspect that with todays internet that you could find someone to help you if needed. <br />
<br />
panther61, I am a man but I am with pro-choice 100%<br />
i am now a retired Teacher and I hated the fact that we we not susposed to teach sex ed.

And as well, if abortions were to made illegal, that would not stop it from happening. <br />
And where would someone in that awful predicament go for an abortion? I shudder when I think of that.