Politics of Abortion


  Both sex ed. and pro choice clinics are attacked by rightwing Christians at the expense of women. It is insane that we don’t teach sex ed. in the first place and that choice is challenged by conservative Christians.    When I went to college in the 60s abortion was a HOT subject. Then as now women paid the price of anti-abortion sentiment. 

 One reason is that if people are focused on abortion then they are less likely to be aware of pocket book issues. Another is the fact that the Republican party automatic picks up a large number of conservative Christian support and votes.

I'll say it again...IN THE 60s abortion was a HOT TOPIC. And as it was then it is all at the expense of the women.  


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it was really sad was it not.... I am amazed how much parents pushed to have their rights of "raising their child as they see fit" respected so they could "protect" their kids when all it does is harm their kids because they are not truly being educated on the facts.

that's pathetic, hae. <br />
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Let's all take a moment to thank our god loving republicans for fighting for such effective sex ed measures.

orien, I was taught what my period was in a separate room with only girls when I was 10, I knew it was coming but I didn't understand fully why like I should have. Then in middle school when I was 12 we were all taught the parts of boys and girls and the cell cycle of gametes and how ***** meet eggs through sex etc. THEN in high school, we were taught about how every person we slept will always be a part of us and when we get married our partner will be having sex with all of those people just like we would be having sex with all their past partners.. the "pregnancy crisis center" even had a neat little blanket and chose random people to demonstrate the point so we would all "understand" sex. Then they spoke of how abstinence is the only safe way to keep oneself from contracting an std, which only the top 4 were mentioned. Lastly, we got folder filled with pamphlets from the center if we were to ever need any such services. condoms were mentioned on a small portion of one of the papers and it was about how they were not full proof and again how abstinence is the way to go, not really very educational if you ask me. (that was in the last 5-10 years)

I seriously doubt that anything I do would make my logic more compelling to you as I think you have your conservative mind made up. It is true that I relax when posting on EP and do not proof read as I would in a more formal setting. I am not going to apologize on this informal format because I believe that you only need to understand my intended message to be communication. OK?<br />
I don’t think my time as a teacher is an issue concerning sex ed. but location is. I taught in Texas and due to conservative influence sex Ed. is still not taught. I under stand from teacher conferences that when sex ed. is taught it is severely limited and the use of condoms and the rights of women to chose abortions is not aloud. This does vary state to state and I hope it all gets better now that we have a more liberal president. <br />
I also under stand that when sex ed. is taught in the younger ages the focus is on awareness of children’s rights not to be touched any were that there bathing suite is not worn.

When was the last time you checked out what is taught in public schools? I can assure you, as a parent, they teach sex ed. at a very early age.<br />
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Also, your position on the subject would be more credible if your spelling was correct.