It's interesting how quickly people are willing to condemn women who are willing to have an abortions.
Every woman has a personal reason.
I decided when I started having sex with men that if I became pregnant, I'd abort. That was my back up plan.
I haven't had to execute it, thankfully.
But I chose this option because I never want children. I don't want to be pregnant.
I remember at 7 years old being terribly anxious at the thought of pregnancy, at the though of raising children. I thought that all women were supposed to be mothers and all women wanted to be mothers. It was the biggest relief when I was older to discover I don't HAVE to be a mother. I can be whatever I want and not have to deal with children.
Some people don't want to be parents. I am one of those people, and I will do anything to avoid it.
Contraceptives are not 100% unfortunately. But abortion is still a very viable and responsible choice.
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Your thought process on this is actually, very good. When I was married my wife and I used birth control procedures until we wanted to have children. They worked fine enough for us. Frankly, with all of the advancements we have made with contraceptives today I wouldn't venture to know why the abortion procedure would even be necessary? My girlfriend's granddaughter is 17 and is sexually active. I realized that this was reality and had talk with her about importance of using contraceptive. She listened very well and so far things have been quiet. She wants them to stay that way and so do we. Unfortunately, she didn't listen to me about drugs and so now she is out of school and out of work.

I can relate 100%.

Just because you are a woman does not mean you have to have kids. That is the beauty of freedom of choice.