Religious groups try so hard to make a woman feel bad for having sex and making a mistake. "If you're going to make the choice to have sex, you should be responsible for the consequences". A baby is a consequence, and women should have a choice about how they deal with their consequence. Instead of having to give a baby an unfair life, they should be able to choose how to deal with their actions.
People make women out to be monsters for having an abortion and have absolutely zero regard for the woman's feelings. No one knows the pain, the tears, or the sacrifice that comes from having to make this choice.
No one can be the judge of this unless they have been in the same situation.
Stop making women feel bad about such a sensitive topic. Stop trying to control our bodies.
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D@mned Right!!!!

What most don't quite grasp is that being 'Pro-Choice' is not to be 'Pro-Abortion'. It doesn't mean we think abortion is a positive thing, but a necessary option, to be considered seriously. To make abortion unacceptable morally or legally is to judge all pregnancy situations with one fell swoop, and that's very unfair. In my opinion, 'Pro-Life' groups try to impose their point of view on others, across the board. I would rather respect that each woman has her own circumstances to deal with and that it's up to her to decide if she thinks her decision is 'right' or 'wrong'.


I am also pro-choice. The religious stance on the issue makes no sense. It's all about hating women and making them hate themselves.

it's all about control

Amen, Amen!

You know it! The God thing they think justifies their fickle control arguement!