My boyfriend and I have gotten to the point in our relationship where people are wondering when we're going to have children. And when I say wondering, I mean pushing. We both say we don't want children. That response is always met with "oh you'll change your mind." Yeah sure.
Now that I'm getting older though, the tone's changed a bit. Now it's more threatening. People are telling me I better settle down soon because my fertility window isn't going to stay open forever. I always say if we want kids, we'll adopt.
That's always met with disbelief. "Don't you want kids of your own?" "Don't you want to carry on your line?"
Irony of irony, these are the same people who would push for me to do adoption instead of abortion.
So, if I don't want a kid, I should choose adoption. But if I do want a kid, I shouldn't choose adoption.
Maybe it's just a Louisiana thing.
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These people are full of contradictions. They don't make much sense either. They treat everything that deviates from society's standards as abnormal. Not everyone has the desire to procreate and raise children in this world. You've obviously put some thought into this. To me, you're more sane than those people.

Well thank you.

When you feel the time is right to have kids then that will be the time. It doesn't matter what people think. Kids are a major, permanent decision and they are expensive. If you aren't ready it then you aren't ready. There is nothing wrong with adoption. Children are in need of homes and you aren't going to love it less just because it didn't come out of your lady parts. People are ignorant. The world is over populated and frankly the world doesn't need more people. I don't want children and people can say what they say and glare at me, but I'm living my life and doing what's right for me and that's all that matters.

I love MY TIME.
MY space.
MY freedom.
Silence, serenity...
Nobody being all sticky, stinky, demanding, crying, needy...
Yeah, I'm actually shocked its not the other way around... Where people think you're crazy for having kids.
I feel it's nuts!!!

I mean, with all the greedy selfish lazy people on the planet.... WHY have babies?? Ugh!

Ya. I don't want kids either.
People don't understand here either!

Well that's a lame reason to be alone forever...