I never understood people who say "if you're responsible enough to have sex, your responsible enough to take care of a child." It's like no, those are not similar skill sets at all.
You move around a bit for sex.
You have to raise the child for 18 plus years. That involves a little more than gyrating. I mean, have any of you actually taken care of a newborn? Sex does not prepare you for that.
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I know plenty of people who have had kids and are too irresponsible and immature to deal with something they wanted.
Yes they do only say that to women. Men are apparently only ***** donors or something. They don't have to be responsible for anything.

Yea because its women who go to prison if they do not pay child support. Women are still expected to be the primary earner and provider for a child or a family. Whats worse is these poor women had no choice but to get pregnant by a dead beat loser. I agree though, let them abort babies some women don't deserve children and it isn't the child's fault.

Or people could just use condoms. Its sad that we even have this issue when you can get birth control and condoms at the health department for free. I'm not a "pro-lifer" either, I believe women should be able to abort children because I think it will benefit society. I was referring to the way that feminists like to make this a women's rights issue. Its not about giving women the right to kill their babies its about the baby the right not to be raised in a bad environment. I brought up child support because she said men don't have to be responsible for anything which couldn't be farther from the truth.

No it is unlikely but not impossible. However, it involves trusting her to take it regularly and I don't so I rely on condoms. My brother has two children because he's a moron and they "forgot" to take it. The vast majority of unwanted pregnancies are due to irresponsibility not failed contraceptives. Also I don't know where you live but here in the U.S. the law tells men if they are responsible enough to have sex they are responsible enough to care for a child. Hence, my reference to child support.

What a law states and what society teaches, are two different things.
The right to a safe medical abortion is about equality. It's about allowing a woman to plan when she wants children, it allows women to have full control over their bodies and not be slaves to their reproductive systems.
I don't know where you came up with that statement about irresponsibility with failed contraception. I can't even count the number of times I've had condoms break on me. There is no contraceptive that is 100% effective.

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