I've known a number of women who've had an abortion. Most of them, by a large margin, were coerced into the abortion by the guy that got them pregnant.

I've never ever ever met a woman who decided to have an abortion simply as a means of birth control. Mostly it was about their life, could they offer that child what it needed, could they be the best parent they could, would that child get food in its mouth daily.

The common factor is they decided that they couldn't have the baby because they could not provide for it in the way a parent should.

So they decided on a termination and I've not met a woman who terminated who didn't feel huge guilt.

The only people who shouldn't get to decide if a woman should have an abortion is simply this: Everyone who isn't that woman.
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it depends on what kind of family support is around you and the network you have. money isn't all to raising a child but you need to have some or be willing to make sacrifices for your child.women who get abortions, it's purely out of greed and selfishness, they unwilling to make sacrifices, they don't want to lose their boyfriend or mess up their relationship, they're afraid of messing up their career, or their schooling. they have the mindset of baby during ''me time'' equals failure. but it's the attitude. it's ''her'' who is unwilling.

That's completely untrue and unreasonable. To say that women who choose abortions out of greed is disingenuous and wicked. You're making shameful and unsubstantiated comments.

wicked according to who?

No I think it should be heavily regulated, and seen as a means of last resort.

It already is and in a free and open society there'd be no need to regulate it.

It shouldn't be a industry, that's what I'm trying to say. Abortion is killing a child, bottom line, and though it may be necessary in some cases (ie. poverty stricken mother of many children, who's birth control failed, or very similar situations) it doesn't need to be a multi-billion dollar industry or be seen as a advertised service. That's sick. It needs to be strictly a government thing, not a market.

It's a medical procedure, not an industry. There's nothing wrong with making women aware that it's a choice they have.

It's a industry, not a medical procedure.

It's not a medical procedure, it's a industry. It's marketing. Why are you denying it makes millions of dollars the world over? Denying doesn't stop it from being fact.

It's not an industry. If you believe it is, you're falling for some wicked propaganda.

That whole "multimillion dollar abortion industry" is a pro-life propaganda lie. There is no "abortion industry". It's a medical procedure just like any other medical procedure.
There's is also no evidence supporting the claim that abortion is an industry.

The premise that >"Everything I don't agree with is propaganda"< doesn't work everywhere, my little darlings. It makes you look like closed-minded idiots.
Propaganda would be how Kermit wasn't given a full in depth report of his late term abortion clinic but a mention on the Huffpost that didn't even bother showing his face, but the chairs of a court room. Propaganda would be the constant association of pro-lifers to irrational homophobic republicans, who hate birth control. That's propaganda: making generalizations and associations to make the public feel certain ways about everyone; and every idea and every cause.

However, FACt, is FAct,

Abortions ARE a part of the free market, as much as buying a car, or buying a new flat screen TV is, making it a industry. Unless, like most of the general public, you're unfamiliar to what a industry is. In which case, I forgive you. Industry means anything that provides goods and services for a profit. Admittedly, abortion clinics DO offer services, in exchange for profit, making it a industry.

I never spoke out against it and ban it, I only suggested that people makes political changes to it, so people cannot exploit women and sell them abortions, and instead offer free contraception to all women of all social economics of child-bearing ages, offer financial incentives to help to mothers who get pregnant without intention, and see abortions as a means of extreme last resort. That's all I was saying. People have their own opinions, get over it and grow up.

Planned parenthood is a non-profit organization. They don't make money off of their services. Donating to planned parenthood is tax deductible. So again you have no evidence, your just sprouting pro-life lies.

You can't even copy and paste properly. Go away and get some proper facts.

If you want to come back with a credible, reasoned, and intelligent argument, I will gladly debate with you but what you've got here is regurgitated nonsense and it's not even your own opinion!

No I recopied and past this numerous times the site doesn't help me. You simply highlight the entire link and past it to the search field. And stop acting childish.

Or people are free to have their opinions, and you need to grow up.

you have your opinion. But every time you are countered you respond with insult and aggression.

you are not providing facts, not are you countering our critique of your position. You are having to resort to a non-argument and when that fails you blame the technology and tell us (who if we are to believe the age brackets here) to "stop acting childish" and to "grow up." Ironic indeed.

I repeat: Give me a solid grounds for an argument. Use your own words and give me a positive counter.

I'd also remind you that, as you correctly say above "people are free to have their opinions" - but yet you deny me mine it seems. Something of a double standard.

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I think that abortion is an extreme decision, a very painful situation for the woman in this crossroad. As far as I know, nobody gets an abortion for fun or hobby and I think nobody feels proud about it either.
But.... Nobody should judge, at the end is their body, their sexuality, their life, their choices not anybody else.
Woman should decide, the society should respect, government should guarantee and religion should stay away.
People against abortion, here is an advise: "don,t have one"
I am Pro choices, but mostly PRO RESPECT.

It's so ironic you say they were coerced into it by a guy when for some reason it seems as if so many men are against abortion.