I hope abortion is always legal. Not because I think abortion is awesome or anything. Some people cannot take care of a child, financially the parents would struggle and the child would suffer. Or if a women was rapped having to see that child grow up and have the same features of the attacker would be absolutely terrifying to go through. I understand you can do adoption but some people don't think about how physically and mentally hard that is to go through. If abortion is ever illegal just know how many women will be taking their own life's and will go through dangerous lengths to end her pregnancy.
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3 Responses Aug 30, 2014

I am not keen on abortion if there is any way around doing so... yet I respect the individual to make choices... and I agree with your points. sad to say many people have a very knee-jerk reaction and very few can be bothered to set their own response aside and consider others.

Well said.

Exactly and how can someone else tell you what to do with your body? If someone is considering abortion in the first place maybe they just aren't ready anyway.