I Wouldn't Have My Son.

I had two abortions at 17. Only one or the other could have been born, because they were so close together. But I had neither. Instead, I married at 19 and had the best little boy ever at 21. And now he's 8 and my only child. The funny thing about the whole argument to me is that I would have had one or the other, different fathers, at 17-18. So was one supposed to be and not the other? Just a proof to me that it is a biological matter and that it happens. Those babies would have suffered, while my son now is perfectly happy. Who knows. I was sad then, but not now. Don't even remember the due dates. Time heals all and **** happens.

AmberRenee AmberRenee
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3 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Kids make mistakes. ****, I still make a lot of mistakes and I have been an adult for quite some time now. Having a child is such a HUGE responsibility. No one can fully understand the demands of a baby, child, or teen until they actually have one. A parent needs to be prepared to meet those demands so they can help their child grow into a healthy and productive member of society. <br />
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The facts are simple. Women have millions of eggs. Men have enough ***** to ***** to impregnate all the women on the planet in one emission. We were not meant to use ALL of these cells. Women NATURALLY have miscarriages ALL the time and most of the time we dont even know about it. Aborting a cluster of cells is no different.

Purpose and fate are what we make them, starting with how we even perceive such abstract, and dare I say, arbitrary ideas.

Time does heal almost everything. The idea of a purpose and fate to our existence goes against all of what we are. We are body and biology through and through.