I Am Pro-choice Because:

  1. The world is already over populated.
  2. Sometimes getting rid before the embryo has brain waves (is trully alive) is better than bringing it into an unhappy home where the people just wernt ready.
  3. Being Pro-life is taking away the human right to choose, and the only argument they can seem to come up with is gods will. I am an eco-pagan, I do not believe in god, I think god has nothing to do with this situation.

I do believe the law allows abortions to happen too late, babies can survive from as early as 20 weeks! They have brain waves from around 3 - 4 months.

I am pro-choice, but the law needs to be looked at and changes made, it is old and out dated.

If it is too late to abort, adoption is always an option. Dont do anything illegal and/or stupid, it might not work and both you and the foetus/baby would be harmed.

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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Whomever,I posit a question to you, as well as to the Holy See in Rome.<br />
If "life begins at conception", when does a twin begin, what with never being there at conception and all?<br />
Or is only one identical twin a person?<br />
Or triplet? Octuplet?<br />
In the end, the separate and distinct person is a product of mental perception, and this does not happen until there is a functioning brain, which it turns out waits a surprisingly long time.<br />
Like 7 1/2 months in many cases.

Despite what uber-pro-lifer's say or think, at least here there seems to be a vast number in the same understanding as you, for some or all or even just one of the reasons you named, and so much more!

I dont completely agree with you- I think that it all depends on what you consider a human life, and how respected it needs to be.<br />
At conception, it is my belief as a Catholic and a Person(believe it or not, we can be both) that the child is truly alive. <br />
Once a child is alive, I believe it is wrong to intentionally kill it. <br />
It all comes down to beliefs. What you are willing to fight and die for. I am pro-life, and I will never renounce that as long as I am in a sound mind. <br />
I do like your opinion of adoption though! Very nice.

I agree completely with you.- I think a woman should have the right to choose and I also think that the laws should be more strick- I had a friend who had a two day abortion I didnt even know that was possible until she told me - she said that she had to actually give birth- I personally wouldnt have gone thru with it, but that is just me.-<br />
<br />
On the other hand, I can understand the NON -Pro choice because some people use abortion as another method of birth control..