Good Question...

Good question to pose to anti-choice people at the bottom of the picture....



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6 Responses Mar 27, 2009

lol. That is thought provoking.

I am a retired teacher and the thing that always amazed me was these same people who were so much against abortions were also against sex ed which would have helped prevent girls getting pg in the first place.<br />
Another thing. As long as gay people have sex with each other there is no need to worry about any need for abortion. Also gays help with our population problem!

It is amusing, thanks for sharing.

Oh I know, I thought it was amusing.

interesting question, but I doubt it would really stop any anti-choice enthusiasts in their tracks.

They excuse their bigotry by asserting that homosexuality isn't a biological trait but a lifestyle choice.... but why anyone would choose to live a life of persecution is beyond their capability to answer.

So many big words can you dumb your comment down vendettaA12