Pardon Me, Pro-lifer...

... you're stepping on my human rights. :P

I had a pregnancy scare less than a year ago. I told the would-be father that if I was pregnant, I was going to get an abortion. I didn't give him any justification, and it turned out he didn't need any. "You know I'll support whatever decision you make," he said. "You know what's best for your own health." I told my mom that there was a chance I was pregnant, and she told me that if I wanted an abortion, she'd come with me to the clinic. I'm really lucky to have these people in my life. Thankfully, I wasn't pregnant. 

I totally support people who want to have abortions and those who don't, for whatever reason, but they can keep their opinions away from my ovaries.

On another note, I walked past a local clinic today, where there were Pro-lifers protesting the clinic, and Pro-choicers protesting the Pro-lifers. If I hadn't been on my way to an exam, I'd have grabbed a Pro-choice sign and joined in.

Anyway, the Pro-life side had the usual signs that they do around here, quoting the bible and speaking on behalf of god and pictures of fetuses and whatnot. But one sign on the Pro-choice side nearly made me pee myself:

"May the baby you save be gay."

At least the funny ones are on our side.

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Nobody has mentioned carbon footprint. Fact is the world is over populated and its killing us ALL.<br />
<br />
So what do these pro lifers have as a counter argument to that.?<br />
<br />
Are foster kids are in the thousands and we are not able to find good long term foster parents.<br />
<br />
Some of these kids live awful life's. All parents married or otherwise should have to apply for a license just like driving a car but more intense. If you cant put a roof over a kids head, feed and educate it- then it should be LAW its aborted.<br />
<br />
This country with a lot of help from ALP is broke. We are heading quickly to becoming a 3rd world country.<br />
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Somebody has got to wake up and STOP these single mothers aged 14 to 18 especially from breeding. Most ( not all) live on welfare all their lives and thats what these kids see and follow in the same direction.<br />
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Thats not kindness its abuse of kids and tax payers funding.

Writing a story like that takes alot of courage and i gotta give you props. Personaly i wouldnt get an abortion but i understand that birth controls dont always work and those who say adoption, go take a look in one of the many overcrowded adoption agencys and tell me you would put a child there.

I am very sorry for the things you have been through, you did not deserve to be treated that way by your boyfriend and we cannot be sure what your mothers true intentions were or her reasons on the matter. People do feel guilty for actions and try to replace them by doing the the right thing in their mind the second time around. Who knows why she made the choices she did. I am so glad you have moved on and are doing well except for the bitterness. However, I must confess that more times than not, those who feel abortion is murder, choose to go through with the pregnancy regardless of their fear of potential harm on their unborn. I am not saying all choose that, but that is the norm in that sort of belief.

Lostchildhood, how many abortions have you had? If it isn't right for a woman, it isn't right for a woman. I believe that it is each their own choice, and yes a child should be loved and protected, I cared enough to really think about my choice. I gave up my will to be a mother for the very reason that it would have been unfair to my child. I know how our adoption and foster system is and I absolutely REFUSE for my own child to be placed in such an environment. So therefore, I made the choice I did because it was the RIGHT one for me. I was knowledgeable and I LIVE WITH AND ACCEPT MY CHOICE. Think what you want about me because of my own reasons, but I had that right, and I still have that right. You used that right twice. You stated it here on EP. For someone who has been there and knows what it is like to have an abortion multiple times, you should understand that everyone has their own reasons and should not be judged or hated for it. Those reason are their own and it isn't anyone else's business. You stated that you made one choice because you feared you had harmed your to be child with birth control. That was your choice. Not a mans only choice. Even under that kind of pressure everyone has a choice. I have compassion for you and those who have been in this kind of situation, but I feel that for one who has been there you should have more compassion for those who have been in the same shoes, just a different story of how and why. We all have a choice, we all should always have that choice. We must forgive ourselves for things that are now out of our hands. We must now accept the road we have chosen and/or been given and move forward with a greater knowledge and a greater understanding for those who know the same pain. My own choice was not an excuse, it was my reason. Hate me for it, think I'm irresponsible for it, judge me in the end that will be your own choice. I just hope others see that being open to others is important as well as trying to understand another rather than judging them and creating more hate than this world needs. I am not trying to change your mind I am just trying to show you that from a different perspective hating your mother is a little hypocritical for one who has been there twice. Putting the blame onto the man when pressured is understandable, its so hard to withstand that, especially if one is scared and afraid of being alone, and I'm so sorry you had to make at least one of your choices that way. But we all have a choice and that is what is important here, your mother did, you did, and I did as well as many other women here. It really doesn't matter what another thinks of another's reason of choice, what matters is that each woman has the right to whatever choice she wants to make based on her own will, her own mind, and her own needs. We all have different beliefs and thoughts, why should our choices be dictated by what others think and believe. This is America, we have this right for a reason, and we deserve it!

in my situation there was no choice but the man's choice. in my mother's situation ....lets say she had home , money , job , husband and no other children to care for. i judge her and i hate her , hae....arent children supposed to be loved and protected?! thats why i dont understand why any woman would be at peace with an abortion. carrier? academics? "im not sure if it is the right moment?" i dont believe this sort of excuses . maybe its me being stupid and the others being smart.

To each his/her own. Choosing whether or not to become a parent is not an easy choice to make. I have made that choice for myself once, and I do NOT regret it. I however, do regret not being ready to be a parent, it just was not possible in the current circumstance that I was/still am in. But it was my and my partners own choice to make and we made it together. <br />
<br />
lostchildhood, we seem to bump into each other alot around this topic lately haha, which I don't mind at all, for we always have decent debates or discussion upon any given topic.. However, if I am not mistaken, haven't you made that choice once as well? I am pretty sure if I remember correctly from a post on another's story that the same choice you state your mother made is a same one you were made to make once is it not? I am sorry if I sound harsh, but you sound so harsh on your mother for a decision that you yourself had to experience once. I'm not saying everyone responds to this choice the same but shouldn't more compassion be apart of how you feel about your own mother giving your background on abortion? Regret is one thing but you seem so quick to judge her for her own choice... I am sorry for everything you seem to have been through, I just wish people were less quick to judge each other for their decisions and more geared to showing compassion towards each other. It is sad when all we see are signs and posters telling each individual person what to believe. I don't know about the protesters but none of my decisions nor my knowledge are based on an embellished road sign created to push someone else's personal point of view on any given subject. I take my own knowledge and decisions into my own hands and I find it kind of funny that the clinic protesters think that a couple "clever" chants or "heavenly" threats are going to sway any decision I ever make or made in the past. Protesters have freedom of speech right? well I have the freedom of choice, so speak away, I'm gonna make my own choices regardless.

It does make sense, Windy.<br />
Unfortunately, some people think this world would be perfect if people stopped murdering babies and adopted their perfect pro-life stance. I just don't see life like that.

You should always separate the "should-bes" from the "how it is's" -does that make sense? yes, in a perfect world, every child would be valued and wanted. but, since we do not live in a perfect world, the least we can do is have a safe, alternate way to make sure every child is wanted...and those that aren't, don't suffer an entire life of deprivation.

Whomever, pregnancies happen. Yes, all babies should be loved. But not all pregnancies are meant to be. Only the pregnant one can decide whether they are ready to be a parent. That to me is the bottom line...are you capable of being a parent? For many, that answer is "no."

Lilt, <br />
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I disagree, ending a pregnancy is the easiest choice. We then get into our own personal beliefs to whether it was 'right' or not. <br />
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lol, that sign is funny... but have you heard the ex<x>pression, also in the bible: "Love the sinner, hate the sin?" Just because someone is gay doesnt mean I would hate them ( I have amazing friends who are gay) but I do not support what they do. Just as I have friends who had an abortion, I hate the choice they took, but not them. All babies should never have to be so unwanted that they are rid of.

Thank you Blackcrow for sharing that.<br />
And I agree with you 100%, autimom.<br />
For some, ending a pregnancy is the sanest and most rational choice.

That sign is full of win. Bravo!

Are you speaking from experience, thatsnotlove? It is simply not true that every woman that chooses abortion at some point in her life is emotionally scarred forever. For some, they move on knowing they made the right choice, and put it behind them.

That sign is ROFL. ROFL in a gayly. YIPPEE

I am very glad for you that you were not pregnant and did not have to make the decision after all. It is not as black and white when it comes to the emotional side. Perhaps physically it is a quick procedure that heals in a matter of days, but mentally and emotionally it is a part of you forever.