I do believe Women Should have take more responsibility Instead of using abortion as an easy way out. But Still It's their choice and Women should be able to have the right to have the fetus removed. It's not like Humans are an endangered species like the Panda.
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What is so easy about driving hours away, spending hundreds or even thousands, to have an invasive medical procedure?

Easy way out of taking responsibility instead of taking care of a Baby.Once again I'm not talking about how difficult it is or how difficult the medical process is. I'm only supporting pro Choice here. No need to give me grief.

And where I'm from abortion is covered since every citizen must have health insurance.

abortion is not an easy way out. it takes a toll on you, physically and mentally. having the procedure done is in no means easy.

Why do people seem to have this idea that abortion is easy? Anyone who's had one will tell you the exact opposite,

I mean an easy way out of carry the responsibility for your actions. I never said it was easy physically.

I know what you meant. That's why I was asking why people think it's easy. It's an incredibly difficult emotional situation. Nothing about it is easy and saying otherwise is really disrespectful to the people who have had one. Accidents happen, and to say people should "take responsibility" for an accident is kind of ridiculous

Sorry that was for Emthaleybrow925

I agree like I think we should be responsible but sometimes condoms break or sometimes other prevention methods don't work so I even though we ARE being responsible some things don't work out. So it's good to have as a back up but I think it should only be super early on