Everyone Has A Right To Do What They Want With Their Own Bodies...

...Including their choice to precreate.  I do not think it is anyone's business whether someone wants to have a child or not.  No one should be forced to have a baby just because society looks down upon abortion.  If a man can get fixed, chop his **** off, or do whatever he wants with his bosy, I do npt believe that there is no reason a woman can not remove a tumor inside her uterus.  Because at that time, that's all it is, is a parasite.  Don't get me wrong, I want a child more than anything else in this world, and I cannot have one.... Does it make me mad when teenage girls are going out and getting pregnant?  Yes. But do I say, No, don't have an abortion, or NO, you can't have an abortion?  No.  Because I think everyone has a right to do whatever they want to their own body.

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I agree.... what ever is in your body is part of your body so you get to decide.

I agree that everyone should have the right to do whatever they wish with their own body and that is why I am against abortion where life is not at risk. It all comes down to when you count a person as a person. Even by saying a person is a person when they "can survive on their own" can be taken in many ways. Some (and I assume this is how you mean it, sorry if it is not) is when their organs are fully developed and working, but others would say that a child as they cannot feed themselves and so would starve. I personally believe it is when the egg and the ***** fuse. People both male and female need to also take responsibility for their actions, if they have sex they should accept that there is a chance of pregnancy. But that is just my view.

I struggle with this,because while I agree that a woman has a right to choose,I certainly don't equate a fetus,at any trimester,to a cancerous growth,and I'm sure Websters dictionary and Wikipedia will back me up on this.I don't judge a woman for choosing to have an abortion,however,I do find it troubling that there are some who seem to think that it is a legitimate form of birth control,no different than say,using condoms or the pill.I have heard cases of women having multiple abortions,and I just sort of think that by doing so,she's being a little irresponsable.Before you hack my genitals off for saying so,just let me continue to add,that I feel it's just as irresponsible for a man to have sex,get a woman pregnant and walk away,and while I don't have the answers,I do think more needs to be done to hold both parties accountable for their actions.There are cases where abortion is most definitely the best solution...in my oppinion,but I just wish that people,men and women,would take sex,themselves and each other more seriously than they do sometimes,and face consequences and deal with them in a mature fashion,rather than take what might seem like the easy way out at the time,but may turn out not to be so easy later on.Again,it's just my humble oppinion,and it counts for nothing,but I saw everyone else throwing their ten cents in the pot and thought,ah,what the hell.......but hey,maybe that's the wrong attitiude to take when it comes to a lot of things eh?;)

Don't be silly... your opinion counts, especially to yourself... I know the parasite thing is a bit harsh, but maybe that's what people need, a bit of honest harsh words to get it through their head that some people look at pregnancy just like that. I agree with you about the whole using abortion as a form of birth control... it's dumb. I have known a couple of people like that, and it made me want to smack them. Not because they had an abortion, but because they're too ******* lazy to slap a condom on or take a pill. Silly.

Doesn't the unborn baby have a right to decide what happens to her body? Why not?

It makes me sad to think that you can equate a human being with a cancerous growth. A person is not a tumor regardless of whether you support abortion or not.

My point was that they are not a person until they are viable outside the womb and can survive on their own. Until then, they are sucking the nutrients from the host.

You are so right. Although I think there is a point during the pregnancy when it becomes wrong. But certainly, during the first trimester the woman should have the legal option to choose. Third trimester is too late, at that point it is already a full human being. Second trimester is a gray area...

I agree with you entirely. I'm sorry you can't have the child you want. I don't want kids but understand the desire.

I completely agree. =)