Why Not?

In the olden days, people got married when they wanted to start a family. I think gays should be allowed to start family units. I also think gay people should be allowed to have children. There are more unsuitable parents out there than gay people... like druggies for examples. Orphanages make terrible parents... being raised in an orphanage predisposes children to having a higher risk of being poor, homeless, dementia, criminal activity, etc... Most of the gay people I have met have been strong willed, intelligent, and very caring. I do not think that being gay should be one of the factors that excludes a person from adopting. Special adoption education programs can be set up to inform gay adopting parents of the difficulties that their child will encounter growing with gay parents. Furthermore, the income of the average gay family in America is higher than that of a straight family... that means that on average, gay people have a stronger financial back bone to support their children...

As long as you contribute to society, you shouldn't be shunned for your core nature... it is just silly. People that contribute make YOUR life easier... why would you hate them?

There are a lot more useless people out there...

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Mar 13, 2010