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I do not understand how anyone can be pro-choice. Abortion is murder. No matter how you put it, abortion is murder. For example, if you got pregnant and decide you don't want the baby, put the baby up for adoption. Goddess-forbid you were raped, then I understand, but the baby should not suffer, if you do not want to keep the baby, put the baby up for adoption. If there is a chance that the mother could die, abortion is still not an option in my opinion. The baby always comes first. No matter what. I am not pro-life because of religion, I am pro-life, because abortion is murder.
HecatesBabe2012 HecatesBabe2012 22-25, F 2 Responses Jun 5, 2012

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Shouldn't a woman have a right to decide what to do with her body?

She does, even without abortion she has a choice of whether to keep the baby or to give the baby up for adoption. Unless she has been raped or the baby is a product of ******, carrying the baby will save a life. The choice to murder is not a choice at all.

I am a pro life man in liberal California where the pro choice cult runs the day, life is cheap,jobs scarce, gangs spray each other with automatics.

Here's the kicker...when you kill innocent children in the womb out of inconvenience, society decays. An abortion policy is an abortion economy.