Abortion Is Murder!

My story is actually very simple...I am against the murder of children...To me there is no argument...I don't argue whether abortion is murder with anyone...This is an indisputable fact.

Yahweh said,"Thou shalt not shed innocent blood"....Is there any blood more innocent than a babie's?..Anyone who participates in the murder of a child is a murderer...There is no exception to this fact.

Of course many, if not most, will call me one-sided, uncomprimising, bigoted and other names not so kind...But that is their choice...My choice is to speak out against these murderers whenever Yahweh gives me opportunity.

I wear anti-abortion buttons often...Sometimes one will coment on how they approve of what my silent message is speaking....This gives me encouragment...Most are completely silent...Even in Church, where our message is that are completely against abortion; I can't remember anyone approving of pro-active behavior on the part of Christians; not even so much as wearing a button...But that is the state of the Church today...I accept it as such.

Christians need to be less ashamed of their anti-abortion beliefs...The enemy is surely not ashamed of his....No Christian can approve of baby-killing; so we know who the enemy is by what they believe...Jesus said" By their fruits ye shall know them".

I pray the psalms with David and the Prophets; praying for the destruction of the wicked; and blessings upon the righteous...We need to not be afraid to pray these things...God is good; He will hear our prayers.

In Christ,

David239 David239
56-60, M
Aug 27, 2012