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I Used to Be a Fetus

Isn't it having a double standard to enjoy being alive, yet okay with abortion? We all were born, we all used to be that life - still forming. Is it the child's fault that the parent have problems? Obviously not - so why punish the child? It is not a great leap of logic here... Now let me really stir the pot of controversy by saying abortion is barbaric and it is murder.

VincentValentine VincentValentine 31-35, M 25 Responses Sep 2, 2009

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I agree completely. Unfortunately jadecrow WAS naive... he is dead now. But at least he was somewhat respectful of our stance compared to more liberal groups and people.

scientists have already confirmed that life starts at conception. I don't know how hard that is to understand for people. I made a HUGE mistake and I looked up pictures of aborted babies, and within weeks they already have hands and feet, finger prints and a pulse. They go in and literally rip the child apart to kill the poor thing, then just scoop em on out! HOW can ANYBODY be okay with that?? I saw pictures of an aborted child the size of a quarter, they fight for their lives! If they could come back I KNOW that their first question to their mother would be "why did you want me to die?" <br />
<br />
This jadecrow person is so niave! Even if the child isn't wanted or the environment wouldn't be a good one, they could STILL give it to adoption!!! Someone out there will want that baby! AND if the stupid female wanting to get an abortion is "mature" enough to have unprotected sex, then she better damn well be ready to deal with the consequences! People need to stop saying that crap as an arguement!<br />
<br />
Archange- you should help me support pro-life on our facebook page it's "Stop abortion, raise awareness" people are so freakin naive

Far more human beings have died in abortion mills than ever died in Hitler's death camps.If it isn't a child at conception,it never will be.Why should an innocent child have to die just to accomodate someone's selfish life style.And yes,I'd adopt in a minute if I could.

I agree with you 100%, abortion is completely barbaric. Have you ever looked up exactly how they perform them? From 1st trimester to 3rd, EVERY SINGLE METHOD is INHUMANE. So we have to kill animals humanely, but people....doesn't matter?? Now that is warped. Also, you have every right in the world as a man to state your opinion. You have just as much to do with making a baby. That feminist stuff is what got us to this point, taking the lives of our own children....Wake up ladies, stop burning your freakin bras.

Agreed. One person at a time.

Murder is hardly off topic, since I believe abortion to be murder. It's really about semantics, isn't it? Killing in self defense, execution of criminals, these acts are widely accepted as okay. I am against killing another even in self -defense if at all possible, and I am against the death penalty. I am saying this so you may know that I do not carry a double standard.<br />
<br />
Life is tough. That does not justify killing. Ever. In any form. And if the world sucks... we don't sit and whine and hope some politician gets off his bum and makes some law... We take action, we change the world - one person at a time if needed.

As odd a concept as it may be... I don't believe in capital punishment. (yeah yeah... i've hear all about the contradiction)... But in truth... I honestly think the worst thing you can do to a murderer... is put them in a cage, for life (and if possible longer). rust the lock shut if it can be done. <br />
And it would be wonderful if life's situations could be easily labeled right and wrong. <br /> my experience it isn't that clean and simple. <br />
Yes defining the issue as right or worng is a step. But...<br />
whom is it that makes that determination? And how do they arrive at that place?<br />
Yes... yes... each of us as individuals must decide for ourselves... makes life so much easier... but there are more than 6 billion people occupying this blue marble in the cosmos. From varied and sundry places,with differing mores, and values, and beliefs. Tall task to bring all of them into one line.

well gee if you say murder is wrong (way off subject now) than murdering the murderer is also wrong so Life imprisonment is the solution. Logic dictates it. So if by all that you believe is right that abortion is wrong. What is the solution for mother and child in a world such as ours.

No, I would not agree. Knowing something is wrong is a step in the direction of creating a solution. I like to take one step at a time, so I don't fall, so I know where I am going. <br />
<br />
There are several potential solutions, but a lot depends on the people involved and the exact situation. <br />
Take murderers for example. There is a disagreement as to the solution - life in prison, capitol punishment, possible parole in twenty years, etc. We all know that murder is wrong, and cannot agree on a solution - what do you think, that until a solution is reached murderers should be allowed to roam the streets?

No need for sorry. I come by my opinion honestly. Just as you do. My field of study (anthropology ...and philosophy) is only one thing I base it on. My upbringing in a strict and conservative church... that had me studying scripture in depth. And my involvement in much of life's issues through the years.<br />
You have obviously come to yours in most likely the same way.<br />
As I said. It is yours... be happy with it. Own it. <br />
I own mine... come what may, whether others agree or not.<br />
But Jade is correct in one thing. <br />
All our opinions are academic if we do not act to solve the problem. <br />
Legislation won't make it go away... long before there were Dr.s there were word of mouth solutions. Back to early written history, tinctures, infusions, that would end a pregnancy. So...all the laws won't work. That only serves to make things unsafe, unsanitary and dangerous.<br />
Changing the worlds cultures so they are all on the same page philisophically, or theologically isn't going to happen any time soon either.<br />
So.... propose solutions. <br />
I try to be an active part of the solution. Good luck. <br />
It would be a wonderful world if the choice was not ever needed.

but what a about the life the mother and child have to lead . yes. You can think something is barbaric and heartless, but do you have a solution or do you just stop at saying something is wrong. You may have a valid opinion but that also suggest you have a valid solution. It not enough to say something is wrong and why, a solution is also in order. Wouldn't you agreed

Thank you. I still may.

And I forgot. Bravo!!! Adopt. even a single father is a great parent. (sorry about the divorce tho... those suck) <br />
However... do, do seriously consider adoption on your own. <br />
Peace out!

I disagree with your entire statement, toby2day. Each part of it. Sorry.

Hmmm. levitical laws. interesting. But no... from an anthropological stand point... historically the established church said life was not life (ergo and unborn) until the quickening. (that moment when the Mother (notice not the father) feels the life force within. <br />
And further some sects of judaism (back to those levical laws) life was not considered life until it drew it's first breath outside the womb. I spent tooooooo many years studying this to be confused. <br />
But as I mentioned. It is your opinion. And you are more than entitled to it. <br />
But again you missed my point.<br />
So.... I will state it as clearly as possible and without any implied sexism. <br />
Men are fundamentally unable to comprehend the choice that is made in terminating a pregnancy (for whatever reason) simply because of the biological fact they can not and never will be able to FEEL that life. <br />
Feeling the effects of it's kicks.. listening to it's heartbeat, watching the outward signs of pregnancy...fine... share.<br />
Experience it... you can't. <br />
The idea that it is an easy choice is overly simplistic.<br />
That...I repeat... is not sexist. <br />
As I also said... far from being sexist I am pragmatic.

Of course I thought things out and care about the results... That is one of the reasons I am pro-life! Life is precious, it is not a thing to be thrown out, nor is it something to be considered a mistake! That is cold, heartless, and barbaric!

sorry I'm just following things out to a conclusion merely a excercize example if " A" does this and "B" happens and result is "C" and if "C" is not the desired result what will change "C".<br />
"A" is your opinion, "B" is the world I was just wondering if you had thought things out to the results or even care about the results.

That is not what I said, not even close. Don't try to interpret what I say to suit your preconceived notions about that which you truly have little understanding.<br />
<br />
And there is a huge difference in "forcing a woman to do something against her will" and forcing someone to not murder a child.

hmmmmm so let me understand.<br />
1) You would have woman go and risk her life and health with an unwanted pregnancy.<br />
2) You are not overly concerned about the environment this child is born into.<br />
3) You are not really prepared to take on these responsibilities yourself.<br />
so I'm I correct, or do you have a valid solution beside don't get pregnant and or forcing a woman to do something against her will or ablilty ??

At the moment none. However, this is because I will be getting a divorce with my wife. We had planned to adopt, because she is infertile due to a medical condition known as endometriosis. Had things not gone bad, we would have adopted two or three children based on our income (how many we could support).

Petriax, How many children have you adopted ??

The way you said it earlier sounded very sexist - that's just how it sounded to me.<br />
<br />
You are wrong that 'from conception' was a rare opinion before the twentieth century. The Bible states it, more than once - including in the Levitical laws where it was a crime to cause death to an unborn child. Re check your information in this area.<br />
<br />
For me, I find it an easy choice, though I am aware others are not so sure. I know that I would sacrifice myself to save my child (if I had one) and I would not have to think about it first.

I don't invalidate your opinion. It is yours and you come to it by whatever means you come to it. Obviously you have thought about it. <br />
I just don't share it. Forget painful birthing. (That was never a point I made anyway). And I'm not exactly the poster child for I'm a housewife....and mother of four (thankfully grown) sons. <br />
How I arrive at my point of view is through a different route. It doesn't make it less valid because I am a woman.<br />
As I said... if that is your belief... fine.<br />
If you believe...which you just stated you do...that life begins at conception... that is also your opinion. (again one I don't share...and until the 20th century neither did most of the world, including the established church)<br />
I'm only pointing out that it is not, as some would assume, an easy choice to make. And until a person has had that life within them they really don't know how harrowing a choice it is. <br />
I wouldn't view that as sexist. I would view that as a fact.

I have heard the argument from feminism before. It has nothing to do with painful birthing or any other discomforts of pregnancy. Because I am male does not make my opinion any less valid - that is a sexist statement. A zygote is alive. A fetus is alive. To take a life, especially an innocent life is murder. If you don't want a baby... well, you know where I would go with that yes?

If that is your belief then fine. I can respect the opinion, while not sharing it.I personally believe life doesn't start at ***** meeting egg. I think I begins at the quickening. But.... to each their own. <br />
<br />
But for those who believe differently I consider the enormity that they face to make their choice. And get more than a little offended at well meaning, open minded men making decisions about my reproduction.<br />
Seems... and again this is a personal opinion, that it isn't that far a leap to have those same men deciding that it's time to bear a child. Reducing women back again to chattel, and brood hens. <br />
<br />
If these opinions were being formed, written, and considered for the health and welfare of the women, I may consider the oposition a little more seriously. <br />
But until a man gives birth...and his life is threatened by the labor, or even the pregnancy itself...nope...not feeling it. <br />
I chose to have all my children. Would I have changed my mind? I don't think so. (But I also survived three misscarriages and a still birth). And My life was in serious jeopardy with the last. Almost died with the second. (actually think I did...had a NDE). I know of a young woman facing a dangerous pregnancy, and childbirth, very very high risk. And there are scores more.<br />
<br />
Nope...just can't feel the need to condemn those who face those same choices, and weigh those same odds.