it's not good for anyone. it's not a social good.

some people have a negative view of life and think "the baby is better off not born" even if the mother would be a terrible mother life is always full of hope. life isn't about privelage, money or even education. would you go up to a group of poor uneducated people and tell them they shouldn't have been born? are only relatively wealthy college bound people worthy of life? the sun shines and birds sing in the life of even the most poor ignorant person. who can judge who is "better off" and whose life has value?

same logic as " fight poverty, kill a beggar."

especially in this culture women are taught to fear pregnancy. the girl who is afraid doesnt need abortion she needs support and facts. your life is not over if you get pregnant. life is more than money, careers and school. your value is not about academic degrees or promotions. if people valued ALL life ( including nature, plant and animal life) we would know this as a culture. pro- life also means help care and concern for the poor. people over profits.

open adoption is a choice. adoption is hard because who wants to give away the child they carried 9 months? but you can have a say in who adopts your child and organize an open adoption where youre part of the baby's life.

some people concerned with the environment think humans are a blight and should die off. i understand it's hard to think of all the waste, all the garbage all the destruction but more death is not the answer. we need to affirm ALL life and that means less materialism less junk food less creature comforts. if people lived more deliberately we all would make due with less material goods but we would value each other and our lives more. no escapist video games or wasteful take out. it seems impossible to change peoples attitudes but it can be done little by little with hope and positivity not death and destruction and misanthropy.

abortion is not good. children naturally love and depend on their mothers. why would you annihilate such a little seedling of pure love and innocence?

pregnancy is a bit scary but life will always change one way or another. you can't escape change and if you try, you kill your soul. don't let fear rule your life.

if you feel bent that it is your life and you must be free, then it sounds to me like you are a sadly negative, selfish person and all i can do is hope your heart is healed and your mind renewed.
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Aug 1, 2015