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Change Through Experience

A few years ago, I used to be on the Pro Choice end of the spectrum, though I was more in the middle than anything. But voicing my opinion in that group, I learned something: they are just as irrational as they claim pro-lifers to be.

Now, I am more on the Pro Life side of things, but I do not consider myself Anti Choice. Actually, quite the contrary, I consider their use of that name hypocritical. We still have the choice of keeping the child by letting it live...if we cannot raise it, there are many forms of adoption one can use. However once a baby is terminated, it's gone. It's dead. They call that a choice? Oh sure, they say it's the choice of letting the baby live or die...then they try to convince you abortion is the best thing because there's no way you can raise it and "why should you let this mistake ruin your life?"

The major turning point in my life was discovering my own pregnancy. I'm 19 years old. The father is 17, and yet we both wish to raise this child. His family, after many insults my way, thinks that abortion is the best idea, or adoption.

I do not see my child as a mistake. Sure, this wasn't planned, but no child deserves to be labelled a mistake, an accident, an unsightly error that should be eliminated. I still cannot believe they are trying to cast doubt in his mind, and my own. I truly believe that if something is going to cause that much pain, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, then it is not worth it.

I could not fathom killing this child. His father is the same way. In the end I think if the other side still wants to consider themselves "Pro Choice" then they should accept EVERY choice...even young parents keeping their child.

Brleha Brleha 18-21, F 4 Responses Dec 2, 2009

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I have always considered myself "Pro Choice" and the choice being made by those 2 people capable of making the choice. It never was meant to be taken as a choice by the unborn child as they were not capable of choice at that point in their lives.<br />
However, your story is very enlightening and should definitely be considered. Many years ago, my son was in a similar situation and his gf's family would hear nothing of an abortion option. It has made life very difficult for both of the parents over the years, but through sheer determination, they finally grew to be responsible adults. Their daughter sometimes is a pain... but weren't we all???<br />
Thanks for such a lovely and enlightening story. XXX<br />

Wise move, i just noticed the date on this post, so how is your baby ? And You? Did you do an adoption or do you still have the little one? Iam glade you decided to follow your own heart and look at the big picture of life. <br />
In Christ; Lee

Good for you, stay strong. We're all proud.

You did the right and responsible thing. I volunteer some of my time at a pregnancy center and medical clinic and have yet to meet one woman who regrets having her baby after considering abortion. However, I meet tons who regret having an abortion. After a woman aborts her child, she is still a mother, only her baby is dead. It may feel as if she's ok, but eventually, it returns to haunt her or she just can't ignore the pain anymore. We have some women who come in 20+ years after theirs and are just facing's aweful. <br />
<br />
Congratulations on your are awesome for choosing to allow your baby to continue to live...<br />
<br />
Take care.