Planned Parenthood Lies To Women....Flat is proof...

Planned Parenthood lies to girls and women about EVERYTHING.  This video is an undercover video done by Live Action.  It features the abortionist himself and the "nurse" telling lies to this girl left and right......

There are many other videos exposing pp for what they truly are, this is just the most recent.

This is just sad and pathetic that they lie after advertising themselves as this honest organization who just wants to "help".  Yeah, they help alright, help themselves get rich off of lying to women and killing their babies.

Simply pathetic.


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P.S. why can't women be on birth control. Men have condoms that don't always work.

You're a ******* idiot. The nurse was not lying, in fact, she was using legal terms. These terms are not only mandatory for these people, but are legally required as to not confuse the pregnant party. For example: If a pregnant woman is killed, the alleged murderer will not be charged with the murder of the fetus. By law, a fetus is not legally a person until it is born and draws a breath. That's also why a fetus who dies in the womb is called a miscarriage or on the way out it dies is called a still birth. Not live birth. All that aside, the chick is retarded. I was in Catholic school up until the eighth grade. I was taught the reproductive process in the fifth grade. I was ten. The teachers were quite informative. They even went over the many different types of birth control that were available at the time. Reminder: This was a Catholic school. They also gave a great argument on why abstinence was a better choice. Not the only one, a better one. No one wants to be a single mom. Good enough for me. I also already knew most of the terms and already understood how most of it worked. You see, before the internet, there was an encyclopedia. There was no parental control on those. Never underestimate the ability to read accompanied by the inquisitive mind. This person obviously asked for an abortion or you'd never see the doctor, unless you're there for prenatal care that they also provide. He also never lied about abortion versus birth, it also it's a lot harder to wait at all, if possible. The physical implications as well as emotional implications go up every day. That aside I love planned parenthood, I've been using their services for the last 15 years. I've never had an abortion. I've had one miscarriage. I am currently 29 and planned parenthood was very helpful when I told them I was Catholic and really had second thoughts about having a baby with someone I barely knew. The word idea "abortion" came up only once when the lady asked "What are your plans?" she was obviously sympathetic. I told her we were going to have it and she gave me a ridiculous amount of information to help myself, help my son. They told me about all the things a person in my financial situation could do, and in an empathetic way. My son will be two next month. Anyways it's just easier to call you stupid.

Good for you. You should actually be praying for them more. No matter what these "choicers" say, abortion is a tool used by our enemy to seperate us from God. It deeply wounds women who sometimes don't face what they have done for 20+ years. It's really sad.<br />
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Thanks for the site, I will definately check it out.<br />
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Take care.<br />
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And yes, human life does begin at conception. That really cannot be argued at this point. They just view it as justified killing. Sick, very sick.

You might like to support and promote the Manhattan Declaration. It is at . <br />
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There are many different reasons to support it, and I won't fully elaborate on mine, except to say that I would not like to see ministers, or their followers, arrested for "hate speech" for reasonable interpretations of the word of God as it is detailed in the Bible, as well as many other potential implications of the road we are on.<br />
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Specifically on the issue of legal abortion, in addition to my belief that life starts at inception, I am saddened to hear of so many people having had abortions carrying such deep regret and remorse for a lifetime, and therefore would like to see it repealed because I believe legalization contributes far more to choosing abortions than the extremely rare instances of it being a humane treatment option for people who are going to do it anyway. In my opinion, the aspect of a humane option for people who are going to do it anyway is the only reasonable argument for legalization.<br />
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For the science junkies, tell me when a soul is created. New technology since Rowe V Wade. I wonder what DNA says about a fetus. I'll bet that DNA identifies a fetus as a unique human being, residing in the body of another unique human being. Not like a cancer cell or an appendix or something that would carry the same DNA.<br />
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I have at least a brother and a sister that have had abortions, and a few other friends to be certain, and I hope I am wrongly thinking that they murdered their children. I don't love them or pray for them any less because of it.