I Was And Still Am Pro Life, But I Can't Do It.

I'm 16 years old, i'm not christian or religious, i have just above average grades and i want to join the army. Ever since i was a little baby my mum always called me her miracle baby, as it is really hard for women in our family to get pregnant, one in a hundred chance and as i grew up i always thought abortion was wrong, and murder but now i am so helpless.

I'm pregnant. My first time, Condom broke, i was on the pill, he didn't even ********* in me and i managed to get pregnant what are the odds, one in a thousand proberbly way higher than that. My family don't have alot of money, the father isn't involved and there are genetic factors on his side of the family that would effect they baby and my parents will kick me to the curb. I don't know what i can do, it will hurt me so much to get an abortion yet there is nothing else i can do that would help the child or me in the future.

I'm booked in but i have no clue wether i will be able to go through with it, in all honesty i think in nine months i'm going to be living in my car having given the baby up for adoption so it has a better life. God i am so scared.

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Hunny, I know this was a while ago now, but if you need anything or want to talk, please let me know. My foster sister just went through something very similar and while it was incredibly hard, she just gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy ever this weekend and if you ask her, it was worth it.

You can always go to a crisis pregnancy center and they will help you. They'll help with food, shelter, clothing, medical, baby items, counseling, schooling, job training, etc. They will get you the resources you need. If you want to give the baby up for adoption, they'll help with that. If you want to keep your child, they will help you with that. Most women are scared at first when this happens to them, so you're not alone.<br />
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Feel free to message me if you need to talk or anything.