An Issue Onto Its Own...

I'm sure people have already posted some of these ideas, but here are my thoughts on this issue. I'd love to hear your ideas and feedback.

It would be great if abortions never happened. It would be great if unwanted pregnancies never occurred. It would be great if freedom of choice was never impinged upon. All three are impossible goals. However, reconciling these three desires is completely possible.

Compromise has developed a negative connotation as of late. Bringing our absolute ideals into more realistic focus should never be considered a negative thing. Every day, unwanted pregnancies are terminated while childless people wait for an adoption to happen. Adoption, as a process, is fraught with complications and technicalities that scare both parties away. What should we do?

1. Make adoption laws in our country the same for all states. Bringing these laws to the federal level will eliminate conflicts where the adoptive parent(s) live in Florida, but the biological mother lives in Georgia, and the father now resides in Alabama, etc. The law should be simple and straightforward also so that the legal fees are not escalated by such conflicts and intricacies of law. What the biological mother is paid should also be standardized: medical bills and a very small stipend for maternity clothes and other small expenses.
2. Make late-term abortions illegal except in the very rare cases where the mother will die. According to studies, abortions after the 20th week are not only extremely rare (2% of all abortions), they are also only due to life-threatening complications such as preeclampsia, sepsis, or injury; therefore, one might reason that this law is effectively in place already and would enforce itself. How to define late-term? Right now it is the age of viability, which is general accepted in the medical community as 24 weeks. The earliest premature birth term that a baby has ever survived (the Amillia Taylor story) was initially reported as 20 weeks and two days. She was an IVF baby, so the fertilized egg had been aged for at least a week and the usual calculation from the mother's last menstrual cycle was not used (date of implantation was used instead) making this little preemie between 23 and 24 weeks. Perhaps we can compromise and make the law for 20 weeks. or even 18 weeks, if we also make the morning after pill OTC: balancing the shortened time span between realizing you are pregnant and the cut off for a legal abortion with easy access to the RU40 pill.
3. Make every abortion clinic provide the same, standard information on adoption to potential patients, perhaps even making a short, thirty minute counseling session part of the new patient process. If the adoption laws are the same, going over the process will be simple, quick and cheap for the clinic.
JoeRealistic JoeRealistic
Apr 9, 2011