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Women's Rights And Equality

For those who are pro-life, it is not about taking away a woman's choice, it is about giving choice to the child. Everyone's body is their own, the child in the woman has a completely unique DNA separate from the mother's body; that child's body is his own. From conception there is a new, unique, individual human being. It can be said that a fetus is not yet human, just as a seed is not yet a tree, but this is inaccurate. A fetus is to an adult as a seed is to a tree. A fetus is still a human being, and although they cannot express their desire to live, they deserve the chance to. They should not be eliminated because their father is a rapist, they have down syndrome, or their mother is not financially well off. They are their own person, and the majority of American women give birth to children with little to no lasting damage. Childbirth is a small thing for a woman compared to death for another person. People feel it is wrong that the world stood by and let Hitler commit genocide on the Jewish; they did not feel genocide was right, but it was not them killing, so they stood by and gave Hitler the choice to kill. Those with a pro-life perspective, who value all life equally, draw a parallel to this. Inaction, the refusal to defend a child who is not yet old enough to speak or understand why they are not valued, is just as bad as having an abortion yourself. Women's rights used to be about equality, not superiority. As a woman, I do not feel I am superior to a child, I would give my life for any child. It is not a woman's body, it is a child's.
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"Those with a pro-life perspective, who value all life equally, draw a parallel to this. "<br />
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If this were actually true, they would have a very good argument. Unfortunately this isn't the case. My feeling is that the term Pro-Life is a misnomer and should be re-labeled as "Pro-Birth" instead. Because the life of the mother or the real life of the child really doesn't matter, apparently. Just that unborn child matters - until it's born. After the birth, then they wash their hands of the matter. "Not my kid, I don't care as long as I don't have to pay for it" <br />
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And it's not really "All Life" either - but rather all "human" life. Right? Are you adopting animals to protect them and give them a chance too? Are you a vegan? Are you not killing mosquitoes, flies, spiders, roaches or mice, but rather protecting them because you feel that life is sacred too? Cancer is also a living organism. Should we protect that too? You don't pull weeds from your garden -- Murdering that life in the process?? It's HIGHLY Unlikely you mean what you say.<br />
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My question is what makes human life more sacred than the life of a tree or a bird, or a flower? Why do humans feel that we are the Exalted species, charged with "managing" the natural world? Seems awful pretentious to me when in fact the human species is by far the MOST destructive species to have even inhabited our planet. We marvel at our accomplishments, usually at the loss of other non-human life. We destroy 99% of a species and then pat ourselves on the back when we save that last 1% as some sort of "humanitarian" rescue mission. We devastate forests, displace or exterminate animals that are "pests" or a threat to ourselves or our livelihoods. We consume natural resources as if they are ours exclusively. Other species will just have to made do, or not. If a single word were to be used to describe the human species as a whole - Parasite fits best.<br />
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As far as pro-lifers go, almost all arguments are for the fetus - and not the mother. The mother is almost always dismissed as irrelevant, and in some cases vilified - regardless of circumstance.I myself am not "for" abortion. I think very few woman are. But it's still MY choice to make - not the choice of others who have ZERO skin in the game but rather a very-hypocritical moral position of what "lives" are worth protecting. I certainly don't respect elected officials (esp males) who think they know what's best for me, my body, and my life. I say - start with the mother's life. Because THAT life counts too. <br />
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Your title "Womans Rights and Equality" Do you REALLY think that the male dominate government bodies should be determining what rights they want to "afford" us? Strange how Washington wants to limit abortions, but at the same time cut funding to foster care and other child services. Again - those "lives" don't matter - because they are already born.

I always find it interesting that so many who are anti Abortion oppose sex education in schools. I also want to know why the single mums are blamed and scorned but the bloke who knocked them up gets away scot free. I don't think abortion should be used as a method of birth control but I don't think it should be illegal either.. AB

I never said anything negative about sex education. I feel that sex education and parenting classes should be mandatory at multiple points throughout grade school. I feel that our children would be better off if their parents had a clue what they were doing. I feel that the sex education we currently have is ineffective and really doesn't teach from the correct perspective. Knowing the female and male anatomy and how they function doesn't teach anyone how to be responsible and doesn't cover the severity of the consequences associated with pregnancy. There are some shock value STD photos thrown in but there is nothing about the propensity for both men and women to lie about their actions and intentions. Women will lie and say they are taking birth control, men will lie and say they'll stick around if you get knocked up. Both sexes will lie about having STDs. If children saw the statistics on the deception involved in pregnancy/abortion/STDs they may think twice before hopping in bed with someone. Adoption is never even mentioned in the classes and abortion methods are "too graphic" for our poor children to see. Perhaps that ought to give us a hint to not practice them.