I dunno of anyone on the planet who thinks abortion is wonderful (except maybe my parents with me)... It's a hard descision for a woman to make. I don't believe it is my business to tell her what she can and can't do with her body.

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I agree 100% DrCynic. When did men ever get the idea that women should not have dominion over their own bodies? Probably the Constitution which had to be amended 18 times before we gave women even the right to vote. Considering we freed the slaves with the 16th ammendment, it really doesn't say a lot about our forefathers and their opinions of women's rights. In perfect world, perhaps contraception would be universal and couples would have to pass a test showing physical and financial responsibility to obtain a permit permit to conceive. It's harsh, but the government cannot continue to support all these teenagers having children. The planet can't support the people we have much less the people we are projected to have in the next century. But I digress...each woman must have the right to decide for herself, end of discussion.

I don't think you should worry so much about that, dedre. One of the biggest reasons that women choose abortion is that they don't have a man that is so willing to to take care of them in that way.

I agree that could be a reason, VendettA12, but do you really think that it is the Biggest reason? I sincerely hope not.

Pixelita I agree with you, but I will always stand aside (If I ever get a girl pregnant, for example) and wonder "don't I at least have a voice in it all?" <br />
Yea I can never get pregnant, and if I got someone that way, abortion would be her choice and unless I'm ready, it could be my opinion (never got to that point, so I can't say), but it just saddens me that that's all it can be...just my opinion, in the matter...<br /> if her mind is set to abort, though I'd have the means of support and even taking the baby from her as soon as she sees fit to let it go, and perhaps even pay her while she's pregnant (like a job, though it's much more demanding than JUST a job); it saddens me that I couldn't have more say.<br />
...but then again, I'm a guy, I'm just the penis that helped cause it; even if I am part of the 'cause' in that effect, the 'effect' decision has little to do with me, and I'd have to just bear with the idea that I could've had a child and wanted one, but no luck.<br />
BTW: I'm totally pro-choice, but I feel sometimes men can and do get screwed over in certain circumstances. Please, no hate; I just feel it's a sorrowful circumstance I'd try to explain.

We do have the right to choose... it is our body... when men start giving birth they can make the decision...

Exactly right, Pixelita, if Catholic men (especially priests) could get pregnant, contraception would be a sacrament. No matter what men may think of abortion, the woman must have dominion over her body. I am sure for nearly every woman, abortion is a last resort. However, that last resort MUST be available to every woman with the best of science and medicine supporting it...even if we don't like it.

I guess so. :P

This is to anyone... If you're ever going to make an inciteful comment on any of my stories, I will delete them... I'm not even gonna argue... Just click the button. That was certainly meant to cause a fight the way they put that comment.

I'm going to delete inciteful comments. I'm no longer going to leave comments that are deliberately going to goad someone to fight on...

Well, that's just how I roll.<br />
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Of course, it is a serious topic between choice and tyranny. Abortion is a horrible thing. It's terribly sad. Foster care is often brought up as the alternative, but foster care parents are often so horribly abusive. I know more than once I wished I had been aborted to save me from the abuse. <br />
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It's not easy. It's just something that needs to be considered carefully.

Sweetheart, that's not manual labor... Sex is more manual labor than holding the nozzle of a hose...<br />
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Plus, you could turn it on yourself and your friends and have a wet t-shirt contest :P lol

You could always spray it down with the hose for free, lol.

Go for it.

I feel ya on that. I believe women should have the right to choose, but I don't know if I would have an abortion. I just think the option should be there.