Pro and Anti, What?

Let me try and explain.

I'm all for a woman's right to choose, in reasonable circumstances. When she uses it as a consistent form of birth control, not considering any other method, that gets me so angry.

Some forms of Polynesian Christianity allow this and prohibit prophylactics. It makes me sad, it's not the woman's choice then. Patriarchy gone real bad....
Wow, sorry for straying.

I will never have an abortion myself, I would die with my child if a pregnancy was dangerous to me. No question.

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Yes,I agree life is a gift,bring in the world sacrifice life or limb ;o) Mother's heart beat u..

you are very interesting...DD

No, I'm an anarchist and go Green if forced to vote.

You don't have to answer if you don't want to...Would you vote for a conservative party on the basis of there stand against abortion?...DD

DD, it state just legalised it for up to 24 weeks pregnancy...I feel kind of sad about that.

TheOnlyConstantIs<br />
Change, the short answer is no.<br />
I think abortion is one of those issues that words don't affect how one feels. RealWomen is not going to be talked into changing her mind no matter what anyone says any more then you or me<br />
. <br />
Our heart takes a stand and there we stay and will not budge.<br />
<br />
Note that Republicans don't want the issue to go away because while Republicans are the party of the rich, there only a few people that are rich and we still have that one person one vote rule. <br />
However, because Republicans are against abortion a large number of people who are themselfs against abortion will vote Republican because of this one hot issue.<br />
<br />
I would like to ask RealWoman if abortion is a policatal issue down under?...DD

I agree with gbs1 and want to add that politicians have taken advantage of this “debate”.<br />
<br />
NOTE: In 1964 when I took Political Science 101 we talked about a HOT issue before the voters and how the abortion issue effected there vote. -AGAIN...IN 1964...DD

I feel the same way - abortion should be a last resort. I'm all for the right to choose however, I would never be able to abort a baby no matter what the circumstances. I think you'll be a great mum too xx

you will make a reat mom someday!!

I understand your passion. I am also glad that you are for a woman rights...DD

Life IS precious; Religion is not neccassary and zygotes are not holy. I hate that people still have to be so spiritually repugnant and scientifically ignorant...<br />
Great post, Fe. I love you too :-)